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What is Reiki and how does it helps in your personal development?

Reiki for years has been used as a healing practice. A human brain is dominated by one or two of four thinking modes which include analytical, sequential, interpersonal, and imaginative thinking. Hence you need a therapeutic method to balance all the four thinking modes to make the best use of your skills and explore new paradigms be it in your personal or professional life.

Self-development is not something new, various practices help you in this self-growth journey. Some of the most recommended ways are meditating, reading and learning new skills. But not all methods do justice to each one of us.

Reiki heals you from within:

Reiki is one of the methods of balancing your chakra energy levels and causing a visible change in your life. It has been found in studies that Reiki can help in healing emotional and physical damages caused over time. We forget sometimes how soothing it is to see a flowing river, though, in motion, it is calm and perfectly synchronized with nature. When you are calm within, the life outside your human shell doesn’t matter, how hectic it will have no damaging effect on you.

For being bullet-proof from the toxic world outside, you need to be really strong inside. Even if you are taking medical help to combat your condition, you need to have a self-healing mechanism to respond to the treatment. Otherwise, it would be like running on high-medical doses you need to take all your life.

Reiki benefits you by reducing stress and negative attitude towards things. It helps you let go of things stopping you from reaching your potential. Less stress is always good, be it your personal or professional life.

Law of attraction and Reiki:

Letting go of negative thoughts thus will help you raise a positive you, which will give you an optimistic perspective. Optimism and positive thinking attract good things. What good can law attraction do for you, if you are negative about life or things?

Power of Reiki and Goal Actualization:

To fulfill what you have always wanted to do, goal actualization is an important aspect of human life. We are strongly attached to our dreams and goals in life. When not fulfilled, people find themselves in a depressing and dark side, inescapable. If you are finding it difficult to tread water, then Reiki can help you.

The best part about Reiki is its combination of spiritual and mental development. It gives you a purpose for self-improvement. Ask yourself, what would be more difficult? Knowing a situation and finding a solution to it, or being unknown to a situation and randomly making attempts? Of course, the latter. Reiki helps you deep-dive into your consciousness and reveals a path to knowing yourself.  Seek those qualities, be it good or bad, and you know a sure way to self-improvement.

Reiki and Productivity:

Meditation in any form is a good way to self-heal, spiritually and mentally. A large part of meditation solely works on strengthening your physical elements. It improves you not only on a mental level but provides physical strength too.

Ancient Indian findings give you evidence on how life force energy can be used as a treatment. You are physically strong but lack the motivation, or you are highly motivated but lack the energy. Both result in a job not done well. You need to align different elements, and it is going to happen if you give your body a chance to tell you its problem and don’t go into a self-denial phase.

Give yourself time to reflect on your condition.

Learn it from an expert, join classes or groups that can help you and we are pretty sure the result would be not just visible, but drastic and impactful to turn your life around into a positive way. For sessions or to know more about Reiki contact us on 9152203064 or mail your queries at [email protected] . For more updates on crystal, Vastu, reiki, healing, astrology, numerology, etc stay tuned share and like our page Facebook, Instagram and twitter page @jaymahakaal01 and keep visiting www.jaymahakaal.com


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