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How Reiki strengthens your immune system?

What a wonderful gift we have with Reiki in this time of encountering a new visitor to our planet, Coronavirus. The standard hand placements that we learn in Reiki level I are a guide to help get us moving into using Reiki. As our use of Reiki evolves, the way we use Reiki evolves as well or one would hope it does.

Our immune system is what fights off any intruders. When it is healthy it can defeat invading pathogens. Our immune system is comprised of white blood cells produced in the thymus and bone marrow, the lymphatic system, and the spleen.

The immune system is involved both in prevention – barriers such as skin, tears and acids help keep foreign substances out – and in fighting off invaders that breach those barriers. Like your body’s other systems, the immune system functions best when you’re balanced and healthy, as demonstrated by the fact that 90% of the people who died from COVID-19 had pre-existing medical conditions, most often metabolic syndrome.

It is clear that the best way to support the immune system is to stay healthy. Here’s where a little dilemma occurs. We need our immune system to stay healthy and yet we also need to stay healthy to have an optimum immune system. This is where regular Reiki healing comes into play.

Reiki healing evokes a balancing, self-healing response from deep within your system. That means even when unusual, prolonged stresses such as pandemics happen (or more common stressors such as surgery or accidents), you’re more likely to be resilient – to stay balanced and healthy or recover faster – when you get regular Reiki sessions.

When you get specific with how you send Reiki, the results will amaze you. If you have not started doing self Reiki, now just might be a good time to start in order to support your body to stand up to any invader.

As we send Reiki to ourselves or to others, focus your mind on how loving and powerful Reiki is and what a beautiful gift it is to all. This will move us out of fear and into grace and spreading peace and healing across our planet.

Research on various types of “energy work” has shown that, in addition to deep relaxation, there can be a reduction in muscle tension and pain, accelerated wound healing, and a greater sense of health and
wellbeing. It is useful during illness, after injuries, pre and post-op, as well as for health promotion. The patient does not need to believe in the process but only needs to be receptive to experience benefits.

Anyone can learn – the ability to tap into the universal “life-force energy” is not dependent on intellectual capacity or belief, only a desire to offer comfort. “Hands on healing techniques” are often approached with a spiritual perspective and yet, based on basic physiology, can be approached very neutrally. The human body is designed in such a way that whenever we touch someone with the intention of offering comfort, there is automatically an energy exchange.

Reiki is becoming increasingly integrated into traditional medical care as a powerful adjunct to healing and promoting well-being in patients. It is gentle, comforting, and non-traumatic, and is easily integrated into an overall wellness and lifestyle plan.

Whether you are looking to improve mild health concerns, are searching for ways to reduce stress, or are grappling with more significant health challenges, Reiki is a profound and effective method for healing on a multi-layered and holistic level: mind, body, and spirit. 

Immunity is complex and fluid, but the simple facts are your immune system is tied to your overall health and well-being, and there’s much you can do to keep your immune system humming, starting with practicing self Reiki. When you practice self Reiki, you feel better, function better, and make better choices, ones that help you stay happy and healthy. It’s that simple.

Feeling grateful is good for your immune system. So is experiencing social support and feeling benevolent toward others, genuinely caring about people. How you live your life, your daily habits, affects your immunity. Do you keep a reasonable schedule and sleep well? Improved sleep is a common and early response to Reiki healing.

Reiki is not an alternative treatment for medical issues but an adjunctive therapy that can help support healing and increase a feeling of well being.

As we continue into the millennium, increasing interest along with more sensitive equipment will allow science to more completely understand, validate, and accept the reality of spiritual healing. As this happens, we will see increasing use of Reiki and other laying-on hands healing coming into common use by individuals for themselves and family along with its use in hospitals and doctors offices.

The deeper understanding about the nature of health and the unity of all life this re-discovered age old wisdom will provide will reduce suffering and make earth a more worthwhile place to live. With this in mind, let us be encouraged to continue in the spirit of Reiki to help others and to heal the planet.

Learn it from an expert, join classes or groups that can help you and we are pretty sure the result would be not just visible, but drastic and impactful to turn your life around into a positive way. For sessions or to know more about Reiki contact us on 9152203064 or mail your queries at [email protected] . For more updates on crystal, Vastu, reiki, healing, astrology, numerology, etc stay tuned share and like our page Facebook, Instagram and twitter page @jaymahakaal01 and keep visiting www.jaymahakaal.com


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