REIKI – An Overview

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Reiki aids in the transformation from a state of negativity to one of positive. It is an example of an intangible wave that has made its way from the hidden world into the visible one.


Price On DemandWhat are Chakras?

Chakras are the body’s energy centers in Sanskrit, and the word means “disk” or “wheel”. There are different nerve bundles and major organs associated with each wheel or disk of spinning energy.

REIKI For Relationships

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Reiki can be a healing and fortifying force in personal relationships, mainly because it can open up your capacity to love. Reiki works upon chakaras of your body and open up the blockages and clear the path to attract love and affection. It can also do wonders for your capacity for empathy. Put the two together and you can become much more deeply connected to your partner. 

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