Did you know that Reiki practitioner therapists utilize certain Reiki symbols to expedite and continue a therapeutic session?

Reiki was first introduced to the Western world in the 1970s. And even though Reiki energy is a good energy that is frequently referred to as life force, some individuals have difficulty visualizing it. As a result, some of the early Reiki Master teachers designed symbols for pupils who were highly visual for them to grasp Reiki. When a Reiki healer writes the symbols down or traces them with their finger in the air, they indicate particular thoughts and actions that a Reiki healer can take. A Reiki healer can use the sign to assist concentrate power in the direction of recovery.

When Should Reiki Symbols Be Used?

A Reiki healer can apply the Reiki symbols whenever they want to focus the healing energy for a specific issue or in a specific region on the body.

Because Reiki symbols are exclusively pure representations of your healing energy, they may be utilized in any scenario or condition. There is no such thing as a toxic Reiki symbol.

The Traditional Five Reiki Symbols

Although many different symbols represent energy, Reiki Master uses five basic symbols in their teachings.

  • Cho Ku rei
  • indicates an increase or decrease in power.
  • Sei Hei ki
  • Refers to harmony, which is used to heal the mind and emotions.
  • Hon Sha ze Sho nen
  • It represents timelessness and is used for remote Reiki healing.
  • Dai ko Myo
  • symbolizes enlightenment and achievement.
  • Raku

 -The grounding symbol for Reiki Attunement

The 3 Levels of Reiki Symbols

There are typically three levels of Reiki training.

Reiki level one teaches only how to give Reiki for self-healing, not the Reiki symbols.

Reiki level two: Students learn how to write the first three Reiki symbols for healing during Reiki level two.

Students of Reiki level three are taught how to write the specific symbols to initiate others into the Reiki system.

Symbols such as these are considered tools to use during healing. For students to become Reiki Master, there are specific symbols that they need to learn.

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