When Reiki forces travel between the therapist and the receiver, the two entities may interact with specific experiences like heat, warmth, coolness, subtlety, persistence, or vehemence. The fact that you can feel Reiki flowing through you, whether you are providing or getting it, indicates that the power is being accepted.

What Reiki Feels Like

Reiki functions as a thermometer, regulating the body’s temperature. Reiki travels gently or swiftly as required administers balanced energies–much like a furnace that automatically turns on and off to control the temperature. Reiki, like a pendulum, swings wildly sometimes and effortlessly at others. These ‘ki’ energy oscillations within us could be felt as wires tingling, hot flushes, goosebumps, shivers, pounding, and so on.

Both the Reiki practitioner and the patient may experience Reiki sensations during a Reiki session. As a result of the flow running through his palm, a practitioner’s hands frequently warm up. As entering Reiki energies calm and settle riled inner pressure and anxiety, the recipient frequently feels tired and yawns.

Certain individuals are more in sync with their spirits than others, and they will be able to offer fascinating anecdotes about the various changes that happen when practicing Reiki. They will discuss their experiences with visuals, sense of touch, and/or inner thoughts when administering or obtaining Reiki.

You might not feel anything whatsoever. Reiki feelings can be extremely delicate and easily missed, but with regular practice, most individuals will experience even the smallest alterations in energy. Reiki, thankfully, works whether you feel it or not. Close your eyes if you’re having trouble sensing vibrations as it removes visual stimulation.

Hands that are hot and cold

It is usually taught that once you have received your Reiki Level I attunements, you will get hot hands. Having heated hands is said to be a reliable indicator that the attunement was successful and that you are now an authentic Reiki channel. Hot hands may signal that Reiki has been activated and you are now a functional Reiki gateway. But, if you don’t have heated hands, does it mean nothing transpired and your attunement was a failure? No, not at all. Each person’s attunement journey is distinct. Being taught that you need to feel hot hands or that your experience was somehow inferior since it differed from others is extremely deceptive.

NOTE: Before using Reiki, always cleanse your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Avoid using scented cleansers and creams, especially if the individual you’re treating is sensitive to the fragrant ingredients in those items. If your hands are chilly, massage them together for a few seconds to heat them before starting therapy.

Temperature Variations During a Reiki Treatment

When some Reiki masters provide Reiki treatments, the warmth of their hands may alter. These variations vary from scorching hot to ice cold. The therapist’s and the participant’s impressions of the temperature may disagree at times. For example, while providing Reiki, you may feel like you’re on fire, while your recipient may feel chilly from your touch. Alternatively, you may be experiencing cold hands, whilst the receiver may remark on the temperature of your hands.

The Reiki Pulse

Reiki’s throbbing feeling may be felt in various regions of your body, but notably in your palms. This is due to the palms acting as Reiki energy channels. Reiki is analogous to a worried mom waiting at the door with open arms for her children to return home. Reiki wants to leave your hands and be put to better use. Reiki is activated naturally when you lay your hands on yourself or others.

When you are Reiki attuned, you become a walking powerhouse of powers. When you are around someone sensitive to Reiki, your body will flare up and begin to emit healing energy. This sensation might be overwhelming for the newly attuned individual, especially if they are not used to it.

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