REIKI – An Overview

Whether it’s the sky or anything else, what we can perceive with human eyes or scientific tools in this manifested reality is still quite restricted. Unseen in the middle of these galaxies lies a universe far greater than the world of mere humans. We’re all aware that Nirankar created this pastoral landscape.

The Scriptures describe incarnations of men and women during Satyuga, Dwapara, and Treta Yugas, but by the Kali Yuga, the man had become materialistic, and his cloak of belief had been lifted. Even though science is currently focused on finding the tiniest of details, it is yet unable to locate the smallest of waves. Microwaves have been with us for centuries, and people have made use of them, but scientists have not yet discovered where they come from, as these waves did. There are numerous references in our Puranas to similar waves, and their effects are described in many different stories.

Reiki is an example of an intangible wave that has made its way from the hidden world into the visible one. The technique has only been known to a small number of people before Saint Dr. Mikao Usui rediscovers it and unveils it to the public.

A major discovery made by our ancestors was that everything in the universe is composed of a single basic element that manifests itself in many ways. According to scientific opinion, energy has a fixed form that cannot be changed. Saint Doctor Mikao Usui termed this energy “Reiki,” which is a Japanese term for it. “Reiki” is nothing more than a repackaging of what we term “life energy,” which is what makes us Chaitanya.

In most literal senses, Reiki is composed of the two terms ‘Re’ and ‘Ki.’ Ki is the invisible force we refer to as ‘life energy,’ and it is this power that sustains us all. According to scholars, we are surrounded by unseen energy that can be absorbed by our brains. The word ‘Re’ in ‘Reiki’ implies ubiquitous or universal. Many studies have determined that this approach can also be known as a spiritual conscious state or supernatural knowing. ‘Reiki’ is a medical approach that treats any ailment by getting to the base of it.

Reiki Vidya requires that we adhere to certain values. Practitioners of ‘Reiki’ may experience some warmth in their hands at times due to the energy flow. Reiki aids in the transformation from a state of negativity to one of positive. In various camps, the ‘Reiki’ vidya is taught in five phases, with the Reiki Instructor providing Sunsagata/Attunement/Shaktipat. The trainer awakens the person’s body’s power centres, known as chakras, using this Shaktipat. This causes the person’s life energy to begin flowing through them.

Reiki is taught to practitioners as part of a five-stage training by the Master and Grand Master:

  • First Degree
  • Second Degree
  • Third Degree
  • Compassion Reiki
  • Masters Reiki

Biography of Reiki Master Dr.Mikao

Dr. Mikao Usui was born on August 15th, 1865, in Taniigaon, Japan to a Japanese mother and a Japanese father. In addition to his mother and father, he had two brothers and a sister. Dr. Macao was the president of a Christian institution in Quetta, Japan, when one of his students questioned him about Jesus Christ’s ability to heal any ailment by simply touching a patient.

What are the chances of it in today’s world, and can you accomplish it too? Dr. Usui was stumped when confronted with this question; nonetheless, the thought stayed with him. He travelled to several places, including the United States, Europe, and China, in an attempt to discover the answer to this issue. He earned a Ph.D. in theology from the American city of Chicago, but he did not find a solution to his query in Chinese or the same literature. Master Usui was fluent in Chinese, Japanese, English, and Sanskrit, and in that order, he went to Japan and began living in a monastery, during which time he was able to read some old Buddhist writings in Sanskrit.

The learnings answered a few of his questions. Master Usui traveled to the Kuriyama salt hill, some 16 miles distant from the monastery, and cultivated self-knowledge while remembering these sutras. In this remote location, he made a 21-day fasting vow, became engaged in meditation, and continued to sing the Sanskrit mantras. He kept 21 stones with him to count the 21 days and subtracted one stone at the end of each day. In the same sequence, even after 20 days of spiritual practice, he did not have any remarkable experiences or encounters to be recounted. A brilliant light suddenly appeared in front of him on the twenty-first day.

The light grew bigger and bigger until it finally reached him close enough to cause him to bang his head against the command wheel. On the twenty-first day, he suddenly saw a brilliant light approaching. He knew his death was imminent at that point. As soon as the explosion occurred, he saw a rainbow of stars in the sky. He also saw the Sanskrit shlokas he chanted in white light. With this, he was blessed with the capacity to heal others. It was on his quest to find the force of life that he discovered the power of Reiki. Upon his return to his original form, he discovered that he was bursting with strength.

Principle of Energy Exchange

After mastering the power of Reiki, Dr. Usui descended the mountain. When his toe became irritated, he squeezed that thumb with his palm, and the pain of that thumb vanished, as did the blood from his foot. It was a miracle. A short while after descending the mountain, Master Usui stopped at an inn; the innkeeper had seen Usui climbing up; he asked for food from the proprietor at the inn.

 The innkeeper advised him that because he had not eaten anything for 21 days, he should not eat full meals, but Dr. Usui ate entire meals without hesitation, and the food had no negative effects on him. This was the second miracle. After this incident, Master Usui returned to his monastery. Several days later, he visited a beggar’s settlement in Kyoto City and was horrified by their condition Master Usui then decided to move in with them and spent the next seven years treating and inspiring the people living there to start over.

After only a short period of adjusting to their new surroundings, the residents of that community began begging, saying that doing so was difficult and that begging was a more convenient way to survive. Upon discovering this, Dr. Macao was astounded, and he rewrote his treatment protocol based on his new findings. He concluded that anything given without asking or desire has a short-term effect, and similarly, anything given for free is not valued. Perhaps this is why, alongside spiritual practice, the importance of charity and Dakshina is there in our religious texts. For these reasons, Master Dr. Mikao Usui established two Reiki treatment guidelines:

  1. Whoever wants to learn Reiki should be given training. Reiki should not be taught forcefully to anyone, but only to those who want to learn it. Family members and friends can be given free Reiki therapy as there is no fixed rule.
  2. A learner must pay his teacher. Paying a fee is showing respect for Reiki. The amount given to Reiki Acharya after receiving Reiki training is ‘Gurudakshina.’

Panchsheel Principles of Reiki Propounded by Dr. Mikao Usui

  • Today I will not be angry- Anger is primarily a reaction to incidents that contradict our beliefs and cause harm to our ego. When we are angry, we harm our emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual well-being. Even if we just become furious once, we may do permanent damage to our bodies. Many of our diseases are triggered by our emotions, including our anger. When we adopt a witnessing attitude in any sequence of events, the emotion of anger starts functioning. To eradicate anger, we need to “be completely awake”. When you’re angry, remember your lord and chant his name until your anger subsides. Make yoga sadhana, pranayama, cold water baths, and soft music a part of your daily routine to help you overcome your anger. You may abuse, yell, and shout at that cause or person by going to a lonely room. When your thoughts have calmed down, pray to God for excellent discernment and unconditional love for you and the person you’re praying for.
  • Today I won’t worry- The root cause of fear or worry is your negative thoughts. Negative thoughts create an aura around us that evokes fear. Do not let these negative thoughts hamper you and your productivity. Believe in the supreme power, who is looking at everything and leave everything on him.  Always have faith in the supreme being, and in the ultimate truth that you are here only as an instrument of God’s creation.
  • Today I will do my work honestly. – According to the law of nature, we reap the same fruit that we plant, so if we live our lives based on dishonesty, and deceit, then our lives will also be diseased, loveless, sad, and disturbed. In other words, if you want to be successful in life, to achieve happiness, peace, and prosperity, then you should lead a life full of complete honesty, hard work, and joy, and enjoy happiness, peace, and prosperity.
  • Today I will thank God’s Grace- This physical existence has been graciously given to us by that Supreme Being, and we may lose this body at any moment, so why not always keep in mind and show gratitude to that Being? Every sunrise, a new day brings us light, should we not show gratitude to that Being daily? You must have ‘full acceptance’ as your guiding principle in life. When we act according to our heartfelt feelings and thoughts, we will receive the results in this universe by those actions, which is why it is said that man is the creator of God himself. If you wish, fill your life with positive thoughts and express your gratitude to that Supreme Being, nature will give you the same unconditional love in return. A positive outlook aids us in leading a good and healthy lifestyle.
  • Today I will love and respect the living being- Reiki’s most essential concept is “Unconditional love,” a kind of love in which there is no transaction, condition, or rule. Reiki teaches us to love only living creatures in this way. We are all aware that God’s devastation is present in every living creature, hence we should preserve as much virtue and love for everyone as possible. Anyone who has identified love has acknowledged God, and he will undoubtedly get the bliss of that Supreme Being. We may invoke the Supreme Lord with our hearts through Reiki meditation, which is a way for the supreme energy of love to touch us.

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