Why we tie Mauli or Kalava in hand?

The ‘Ardhanarishvara’ form of Shiva and Parvati has been depicted as right half Shiva and the left half is Parvati Devi. Hence, men are tied Mauli on right wrist while female are tied Mauli on the left wrist.

रुद्राक्ष धारण करने का सही तरीका क्या है?

रुद्राक्ष स्वभाव से ही प्रभावी होता है, लेकिन यदि उसे विशेष पद्धति से सिद्ध किया जाए तो उसका प्रभाव कई गुना अधिक हो जाता है। अगर जप के लिए रुद्राक्ष की माला सिद्ध करनी हो तो सबसे पहले उसे पंचगव्य (गाय के दूध, दही, घी, गोमूत्र और गोबर का पानी को सामूहिक रूप से पंचगव्य […]

नाड़ी दोष एवं परिहार!

गुण मिलान करते समय यदि वर और वधू की नाड़ी अलग-अलग हो तो उन्हें नाड़ी मिलान के 8 में से 8 अंक प्राप्त होते हैं, जैसे कि वर की आदि नाड़ी तथा वधू की नाड़ी मध्य अथवा अंत। किन्तु यदि वर और वधू की नाड़ी एक ही हो तो उन्हें नाड़ी मिलान के 8 में […]

Happy Married Life and Astrology connection

astrology and marriage Jay Mahakaal

Marriage is one of purest relationship, which involves two person who have decided to spent their rest of life with each other. The marriage can be smoothly run, as well as it can be well versed by given below quote of william shatner.

Is Marriage on the Chart?


Everything is planned by God and things takes place according to the time that is allotted to a particular work. Timing of marriage is a question that every man & woman wants to ask an astrologer. So, we are here to clear all your doubt on what is the right time to get married according to astrology.

Some amazing and interesting facts about Hinduism

ganesh ji hinduism god

Few things a Hindu can do while using the English language: – written by Francois Gautier (check his Facebook page. He knows more Hinduism than many of us) Please stop using the term “God-fearing” – Hindus never ever fear God. For us, God is everywhere and we are also an integral part of God. God […]

Why we immerse idol in water

Instead of consecrating an Idol, place a betel nut and worship it symbolically as Shri Ganapati. The betel nut can be immersed in a small well or a stream.