Happy Married Life and Astrology connection

In our craziest fantasies we have always thought of the concept of soulmate, a person with whom we can spent our rest of life. Marriage is one of purest relationship, which involves two person who have decided to spent their rest of life with each other. The marriage can be smoothly run, as well as it can be well versed by given below quote of william shatner,

I Love the concept of togetherness and the entwinement of marriage

This quote expresses that marriage is simply a bond between two people who decide to put up together and be with each other in good and bad, happy and sad and etc. everyone seems to look forward for the blissful marital life which will be filled with happiness. For this they seem to look for remedies beforehand.

It’s said that marriage is the bond between the two individuals, who

You must have heard of Astrology lending a helping hand to all those couples to be who doesn’t want wrong with their marriage. Astrology suggests:

  • The remedies which will help you to keep the marriage intact, and happy.
  • It explains with various charts and planets that this marriage will be right for your future life or not.
  • Astrology is also the one type of science which helps to look forward that any hurdles doesn’t comes in front of the newlyweds in their marriage.

Marriage Astrology suggests the various remedies which will help to lead the easy and comfortable married life. If talk about astrology then it is about the process of marriage, then it is about the process of getting married, married life is in term of longevity of marriage and happy married life is that there is coordination between the couple and they don’t have differences which can create a problem in further life.

Astrology for Happy Marr

In today’s time when everything is moving fast forward and individuals does not have the time and these busy schedules sometimes create disputes between the couples, these disturb the harmony of the relationship and recurring fights disturb the context of married life. This creates the rift and husband and wife do go against each other. To get easy solution they look forward for astrology as it comes up with easy solutions which will resolve the fight and bring the harmony to the relationship. The couple beforehand looks for the reliable marriage prediction to avoid any sort of differences in future.

Parameters and conditions which provide happy marriage existence

There ought to be an intensive exam of the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th and 7th and twelfth house, Following houses must be strong and their lords must be nicely placed playing excellent role. Additionally there must preferably be the issue of benefic planet on them. No factor is higher than the factor of cruel planets: -except the exceptional of the overall Horoscope.

In extra there may be a need to spend greater time to check the divisional charts such as

  • Navamasha and the working Dasha system besides the transit of planets.
  • Ascendant / Lagna and lagna lord 7th residence – it’s miles historically the house of marriage.
  • Fifth house- it’s far the house of romance, house of progeny and country of thoughts / feelings.
  • Planets in 7th house and the 7th residence – from herbal ascendant, 7th from Moon and seventh from Venus have to also be tested. Twelfth house – house of sexual amusement.
  • The affliction of the twelfth residence / lord by malefic especially if they’re lords of six is not suitable. As it could supply impotency / frigidity.
  • 4th house – the residence of happiness
  • 2nd house – the kutumba (immediately family) and wealth
  • Moon as karka of mind
  • Venus – significator of 7th house and semen
  • Mars – planet of virility How to check if the relevant house is unblemished

    A house to be true need to have the following:

  • There should be component of benefic planets at the residence. The residence has to no longer be through malefic. The herbal malefic planets are sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu.
  • It ought to be in shubh kartari yoga and not be hemmed in among malefic planets
  • It should be sturdy in power (bhavabala).
  • It need to have above average benefic factors (27 and above) in ashtakavarga.
  • Of route, the aspect of benefic planets will upload to the beauty

Significators (Karka)

Nearly every planets has position to play – immediately or not directly to make the wedding going correctly. However in brief in this article, we will take 3 crucial significations. they’re

Venus: it’s far karka for marriage, and semen

Mars: it must be tested as it represents sexual pressure and in case of a woman Horoscope it is also useful for calculating the fertility.

Jupiter: a few astrologers are of the opinion that within the female Horoscope Jupiter represents husband.

To present suitable outcomes these significators must be robust. To be robust they must be

  • Exalted
  • In its mool trikona signal
  • In its own house
  • In Kendra or trikona: (the planets in Kendra trikona emerge as sturdy) or
  • In other auspicious houses. as an instance, Venus inside the ninth house gives true success and happiness and in 10th and 11th, it makes for a glad and romantic marriage. similarly inside the 12th it offers sexual pleasures.
  • Aspected via benefics planets.
  • ought to be strong in bhava bala
  • It need to be sturdy in Ashtakvarga.
  • The planet need to no longer be combust.

The significator planet have to be hemmed in among benefices which gives upward thrust to shubhkartari yoga – including to its strength. Conversely, if it’s far hemmed in among malefic planets it’s going to no longer provide proper consequences.

In addition the planets should now not be in 6,8 and 12 or trik houses

A vargotama Venus gives accurate end result.

These are some significator which is required to lead happy married life, and sometimes these words become big question in front of the individuals who find trouble with getting these astrological terms. So, if you are in search of answers of your question then get in touch with experts who are learned astrologers and hold years of expertise in their work and have the capability to resolve each and every query related to them.

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