Vastu tips to follow this Diwali 2021

The most universal festival in India, Diwali or Deepawali, has cultural and geographical significance like none other. Symbolically and allegorically, it is an array of lights that encompasses and envelops us, drawing spiritual and material effulgence from us. In addition to symbolizing the triumph of good over evil, the festival is also a time of beginnings for traditional Indian business models. Take advantage of this auspicious occasion by following these 5 Vastu Tips and welcome wealth and prosperity.

1. Cleaning the house/workplace

During Diwali, the energy levels in your home or workplace are at their highest. Do you understand why? It is the result of festive rituals as well as Vaastu cleaning efforts occurring concurrently during the “chaturmas” season (four months of abstinence and an important period in the Hindu calendar). Every festival, we clean the house in conjunction with special tasty food and spiritual acts. Cleaning our surroundings increases our energy levels, eating more calories increases our productivity, efficiency, and creativity for physical growth, and spiritual activities purify our soul, leading to optimal satisfaction. The more energy that we maintain within our Vaastu throughout the year, the optimum level of satisfaction we will experience with our growth. Essentially, Vaastu Shastra emphasizes the elimination of clutter and cleanliness. Keeping your space clutter-free requires that you get rid of old, non-working instruments, chips in plates, old & condensed dirt, etc. At this festival, let go of any materials or tools you no longer need. You can create a new space at home or at the office to store new things.

2. The Importance of Using Colored Mud Lamps

Eliminate stagnant and negative energies by lighting up the corners and, more broadly, every nook and front with sufficient lighting. While there are lamps and lights available in the market in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, mud and/or metal (brass/silver/alloys) are the most conducive according to the ancient science of Vaastu. Sesame seed oil or clarified butter (ghee) are also excellent fuels for these lamps. The entrance should be well lit, and most importantly, a puja Diya should be kept lit throughout the night. Metals are excellent conductors of energies, and mud lamps can become excellent reservoirs of energies; thus, they have traditionally held great significance. In addition to blue-colored lamps for the North, green-colored lamps for the East, orange lamps for the South, pink lamps for the South-West, green lamps for the West, and blue lamps for the North-west, these are the colors that enhance positive energy, so use them in those locations. Holy symbols like Swastik, Go-Padma, and many more, keep negative energy out when drawn in front of the main entrance.

3) Worshipping Lakshmi Kuber

In addition to Lakshmi puja, Kuber puja is also performed in conjunction with Lakshmi puja, especially by businesspeople. While Lakshmi symbolizes prosperity and wealth, Kuber represents the keeper and manager of that wealth. Besides his affiliation with Hindu scriptures, Kuber is also mentioned in Jainism and Buddhism. His status as the keeper of eternal wealth is universal, however. Due to this, businesses can perform Lakshmi Puja in conjunction with Kuber Puja.

4) Performing Puja at Correct Time

As per the “panchang” (Hindu calendar), Diwali Puja should be performed at the appropriate time. The Muhurats are chosen based on the fixed Lagna, the Pradosh time, and the Amavasya Tithi. In addition to chanting the Lakshmi Suktam and various hymns, the puja should include the prescribed rituals. For those who don’t know the rituals personally, it is beneficial to take the advice of a Purohit – a master of ceremonies.

5) Worshipping Meru Yantra

Old texts mention the Meru Shri Yantra as the remedy for repairing Vaastu dosha (or defect). There is an answer for all financial problems and personal setbacks with the Meru Yantra. Yantras are also highly effective in removing obstacles and paving the way for a happy, healthy, and wealthy life. The Meru Mountain is regarded as a sacred mountain and a source of spiritual power in our mythology. When the devotee worships the Yantra, it radiates the same powers and spirituality. Meru Yantra puja is particularly meaningful during Diwali as the Universe’s energies are right and conducive. If possible, the Yantra should be placed in the sunset. Your back is to the east so that you are facing the east. On Vasu- Baras, a cow with a calf is worshiped, and on Dhanteras you can worship Lord Kuber, the God of wealth management, and Lord Dhanvantari, the God of health. Keeping one special lamp each near the south section of the Bhai-Dooj (Bhaubeej) courtyard, as a propitiation to Lord Yama for a peaceful end to our lives when the time comes.

When viewed through the prism of Vaastu, Diwali holds great significance. During the festival, the Rangoli designs and lights instill positive Oorja / vibrations. Another way of welcoming positive energy, good luck, and prosperity into your home is by hanging an auspicious Toran/Kandil/Lantern/Lamp at the entrance. Overall, Diwali is one of the most Vaastu-oriented festivals because of its feelings of celebration, love, purity, religion, knowledge, as well as prosperity.

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Wish you all a happy Diwali.

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