De Dana Dan Dhanteras!

Dhanteras, observed on the thirteenth lunar day of Krishna Paksha, is an auspicious festival in Indian culture. Dhanteras, also known as Dhantrayodashi or Dhanvantri Jayanti, bring riches into everyone’s life. According to Indian mythology, the day is very auspicious. It heralds the approach of Diwali, also known as the Festival of Lights. Dhanteras is connected with great riches, success, and personal connection. Today, on the occasion of Dhanteras, we present some facts about this lucky celebration. Continue reading to learn more about them.

  • During Samudra Manthan, Lord Dhanvantari arrived holding Amrita in one hand, according to folklore. The day was named after him since it was deemed auspicious. He is also known as Lord Vishnu’s avatar and the god’s physician.
  • There is one more intriguing anecdote about Dhanteras. It is widely held that king Hima’s 16-year-old son was doomed to die on the fourth day of this marriage as a result of a snake bite. His wife, knowing this, did not allow him to sleep for the entire day and night. She also arranged all of her stuff (gold jewelry) around her husband’s bed, lit up the room, and began singing. Yamraj, as promised, appeared like a serpent on the fourth night but left the prince unhurt. This is why it is believed that buying gold and lighting up the house on Dhanteras will bring you a fortune while causing no damage.
  • Purchasing gold during Dhanteras is said to bring Lord Kuber’s blessings into the home. Also, according to common belief, the items you acquire on this day are worth 13 times more because of the Lord of Wealth’s blessings.
  • On Dhanteras, a ‘Deep Dan,’ also known as Yamadeepdaan, is presented to Yamraj. This is done to avoid any tragic incidents, such as the untimely death of a family member. Diya is lighted at the front door of the house, facing south. This can keep evil and death at bay.
  • Do you know why we do Laxmi Puja on Dhanteras every year? There’s also an intriguing backstory behind this. Lord Laxmi and Vishnu came to Earth once at a time. He warned her not to be swayed by earthly temptations. Lord Laxmi, on the other hand, couldn’t help herself and fell on a farmer’s sugarcane field. She sipped exquisite sugarcane juice there. Seeing this, Lord Vishnu decided that Lord Laxmi must work as a laborer for the farmer for the next 12 years. With the coming of Lord Laxmi, the farmer began to flourish. She later disclosed Lord Laxmi’s actual name to the farmer and his family during a visit to the Ganga. Despite knowing this, the farmer refused to let her leave after Once her visit had come to an end Lord Laxmi, moved by the farmer’s devotion and compassion, pledged to visit him every Dhanteras. The goddess also requested him to keep his house tidy and to shine a lamp for her on the day. This is why we do Laxmi Puja after dusk.

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Wish you all a happy Diwali.

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