What is the importance of “Fasting” or keeping “Vrat” during Shravan? 

Shravan is the fifth month of the Hindu calendar that Shiva worshipers observe. Shravan, a month of abstinence and devotion, is regarded as extremely fortunate. Shravan is observed by two calendars: one in North India, referred to as the Purnima calendar, and one in the south, called the Amavasyant calendar. So that’s why Shravan festivals differ across India.

The most significant aspect of Shravan is fasting on Mondays. The Monday fast is solely devoted to Shiva. According to legend, numerous rare diamonds came from the water after the Samudra Manthan. Poison also appeared, which Shiva ingested. Parvati, his consort, quickly gripped his throat to block the poison from accessing his body to protect her spouse. As a result of the poison, Shiva’s neck became blue, garnering him the title Neelkanth (The One with the Blue Throat). Worshippers devote a whole month to Mahadev, and these fasting days are scrupulously maintained.

According to popular belief, abstaining from Shravan Mondays has several perks. People who are suspected of having marital problems or who are experiencing marriage setbacks may fast on Mondays. This fast is mostly observed by women to find the perfect partner. It is said that perusing the Solah Somvar Vrath, which reads as the 16 Fasting Mondays, pleases Shiva and bestows riches and bliss to his worshipers. To get married to Shiva, Gauri is said to have done the Solah Somwar Vrath. During this period of fasting, one must avoid any bad energy and only perform positive actions.

There are many beliefs like this in Hindu culture, and it is a heavenly pleasure to see followers from all over the world observe these rites sincerely.

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