Why should one avoid non-veg, alcohol and spicy food during Shravan month?

The significance of Shravan month cannot be overstated. During Shravan, Hindus refrain from drinking alcohol and consuming non-vegetarian food. Shravan is a holy month in Hindu households, so non-vegetarian food is strictly forbidden during this period. Are you aware of why we shouldn’t eat non-vegetarian foods during Shravan? This blog will examine all of the religious and scientific facts surrounding such a belief.

It is a month filled with minor celebrations and festivals in the Hindu calendar. The calendar includes festivals such as Raksha Bandhan, Kajori Purnima, Onam, Janmashtami, and Naag Panchami. There is a sacred story behind all these festivals, so eating non-Vegan foods is discouraged.

  • Hindu Scriptures consider Sharavana to be the holiest month. Shravan month has religious significance as well. There is a great deal of religious significance attached to every single day of this holy month. Different puja rituals are performed on different days. Three pujas are performed on the first three days of the week: Shiv puja, Mangala Gauri puja, and Budh puja. Other pujas can be performed during the rest of the week, such as Jara Jivantika and Asvattha Maruti pujas. Furthermore, Hindu Puranas state that Lords love fruits and flowers since they are Satvik foods. As a result, Sanatana Dharma practitioners avoid non-Vegan food during Sharavana.
  • The monsoon season, also known as Sharavana, is characterized by heavy rains and hailstorms. During this time of year, people are afflicted with a variety of water-borne ailments. These illnesses include Gastritis, Cholera, and others. It becomes necessary to adopt a strict health regimen. Because you never know when an illness or a fever will strike. Most Hindus think that consuming meat or non-vegetarian products increase one’s chances of contracting an illness. So, with health as a top concern, we should avoid eating non-vegetarian foods during Shravan.
  • Our bodies are made up of numerous natural elements such as air, sunshine, soil, and water. Due to excessive rains, there is hardly any sunshine throughout the Sharavana mass. Furthermore, our digestive system bogs down and operates poorly. As a result, they carefully shun non-Veg food and adhere to veg or Sattvic diet.
  • Also, to avoid stomach disorders, it is advised to stay away from spicy and non-veg food and to consume a veg diet. These foods are light on the stomach and simple to digest.
  • There will be no physical activities during the rainy season.
  • Previously, farmers had to stay at home during severe rains in the month of Shravan. They eat, sleep, and repeat at home. As a result, they gained weight and grew concerned about food digestion. So, because they are fit, they begin to rely on the Veg diet during the monsoons. And, to conserve their strength, they should avoid any non-Vegan food. Without a doubt, we should stick to our customs. But instead of mindlessly following them. We have a right to understand the history and reasoning behind such rituals.

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