REIKI for your mind, body and soul

How you feel emotionally is just as important as how you feel physically. When faced with health challenges, undergoing treatment, or caring for a sick loved one, we can often feel overwhelmed and stressed. Integrative medicine is an approach that puts the individual at the center of care and addresses the full range of physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social, and environmental influences that affect health.

Imagine a space where you can completely let go. Let go of your deepest fears or worries, and melt your energy into the hands of warmth and safety. Breathing in love, breathing out any tensions or anxiety. Trusting that you will always come back to your heart center. Allowing the universe to support you. Knowing you can always come home to your body, your soul, your inner core.

Is it time to let go of what’s been holding you back? Do you want to experience complete mind-body healing? Are you ready to sink into deep relaxation and stillness? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you might want to consider trying Reiki for the first time. Reiki can shed light on areas in our life we might be avoiding or aren’t aware of that need more attention.

Reiki is completely natural and safe. And many find that it is an effective method to heal physical, mental and emotional ailments. The mind, body, and spirit all operate independently and are unique for each individual. This is an essential component to the principles of Reiki. Anyone can be treated with Reiki. No prescriptions are necessary, it will not interfere with medications, and there are no side effects. People can use Reiki to heal themselves, with specific self Reiki hand positions.

During a Reiki self-healing, you may have noticed that the part of the body over which your hands are placed relaxes deeply. The effect of this is especially evident when you are fatigued. Basking in Reiki can gently lull you to sleep.

It is also normal to feel fatigued, experience headaches and body aches as the clearing process begins- similar to any type of detoxification process. The body is cleansing itself, higher vibrational energy is integrating, so this is considered typical. Do not fear. Instead be gentle with yourself, as this feeling will not last. It will pass, and you will experience more clarity than you have in the past.

A full body Reiki healing can be the equivalent of a powerful meditation session. As the body becomes still and our awareness rests on it, the mind also slows down and the frequency of thoughts drops. If you find it hard to still the mind through other meditation practices, Reiki could help you achieve the same goal in a different way.

There is such a privilege to knowing your soul self and understanding how your energy flows – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The spiritual aspect of Reiki is more subtle in nature and usually unfolds over a period of time. Reiki practice helps us see, feel and sense beyond the tangible world of the senses. It makes us aware of areas in our life that aren’t working. It inspires us to heal our soul wounds and to open our hearts. It trains us to become quiet enough to listen to the whispers of our inner voice. It helps us strengthen our connection to the Divine Light of our Higher Self. It supports our progress on a spiritual path that is best suited to our personal liking.

Your frequency, your vibration starts from within and extends to those around you. Some of the benefits to Reiki include improving concentration and clarity, reducing stress and increasing positivity, bringing states of relaxation and increased energy, relief from pain, tension and stiffness, improvement of sleep, and an overall sense of balance.

While we are here living and learning in this life we tend to get “stuck” in a particular life experience. As we hold onto this pain of the experience, our souls detach from our human self as a way of protecting the soul. When reiki is introduced to the human body, it evaluates the souls energy in the body and if its detached in anyway. If it is, a realignment happens. Bringing the body and the soul back to wholeness. This is why people report feeling relaxed, balanced and at peace after a session.

Do you want to experience ultimate relaxation combined with all-encompassing healing? For anyone considering Reiki- it is a true experience into a realm of inner work, targeting the root cause of many issues, from physical health and processes into spiritual insight and mental clarity.

Learn it from an expert, join classes or groups that can help you and we are pretty sure the result would be not just visible, but drastic and impactful to turn your life around into a positive way. For sessions or to know more about Reiki contact us on 9324801420 or mail your queries at [email protected] . For more updates on crystal, Vastu, reiki, healing, astrology, numerology, etc stay tuned share and like our page Facebook, Instagram and twitter page @jaymahakaal01 and keep visiting


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