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Is Reiki effective on diabetes?

Diabetes is a common and chronic condition in the modern world, affecting millions of people worldwide. Although there are treatments available to manage the condition, there is none to cure it. It is associated with several other complications like high blood pressure, kidney damage, heart damage, eye damage, etc.

At the physical level, it is caused by the inability of the body to make adequate amounts of insulin (type I) or to utilize insulin (type II), resulting in high blood sugar levels. Diabetes is a progressive condition, and tough to deal with. So it is important to understand the metaphysical issues underlying the problem in order to banish it at the grassroot level.

Reiki and diabetes

Diabetes is a serious disease and requires professional treatment from a health care provider, and when Reiki is used in conjunction with proper medication, it could dramatically reduce or even completely eliminate the need for medication over a period of time.

There is a lot of curiosity among people these days to find out alternative ways to treat various diseases. People who suffer from Diabetes, the silent killer are also looking for alternative or complementary methods of healing, for faster recovery. Reiki is one such system of natural healing.

At first glance, reiki seems a little odd. How can it possibly help to have someone wave their hands over your body? What could this do for diabetes, really? But if you put your doubts aside for a minute, the effects of reiki can be quite profound.

To understand what reiki is, think back to the last time you stood in line at the bank, and someone came up behind you. Even though you couldn’t see the person, you could sense that they were in your space. This space is your energy field, and just like your body, the energy field becomes blocked from physical, emotional and mental experiences. These blockages can cause you to feel ill, or tired, or depressed – they literally block the flow of energy in your body. Reiki helps to unblock the energy field, which in turn unblocks the body.

What’s interesting here is the focus not just on the physical side of the condition, but also on the emotional and mental side. As all diabetics know, there’s a lot more to managing diabetes than just taking your medication, eating right and exercise. Reiki can help you to see your emotions around diabetes in a clearer way, and understand why you react the way you do to high and low blood sugar. It can also took away a lot of stress, and we all know how badly stress affects blood sugar.

Diabetes is a manifestation of the thoughts of self-hate, rejection, and abandonment. It is associated with the obstructions in the Third Eye or Solar Plexus chakra (Manipura chakra). A chronic pattern of negative emotions like envy, hatred, anger, sadness results in clogging of our energy body and disrupts the healthy flow of energy through it, resulting in a blocked Solar Plexus chakra. This may be rooted in a traumatic childhood or a wounded inner child. So it is important to heal your inner child in order to let go of the childhood traumas.

The environment we have grown up in greatly impacts our Solar plexus chakra. When this chakra gets weakened, the glands and organs associated with it cannot function properly. This results in poor digestion and several other metabolic dysfunctions which ultimately results in diabetes.

You need to remember that Reiki is not just about healing a particular condition. It works by affecting and healing multiple areas of your life. So when you are using it for a chronic condition like diabetes, be patient but consistent because perseverance will pay. Let it work its magic in your life, let it flow and wash out all the debris of negative emotions accrued through several years. Combining Reiki with the proper nutrition and lifestyle management will bring rewards that are truly worth waiting for.

Want to give it a try? Go for a reiki session, or do a once-off course that enables you to do your own treatments at home.

While it is easy to feel overwhelmed by all the treatment options out there claiming to ‘heal’ you, many forms of alternative therapy can really help to calm the mind and therefore relax the body. How you feel about your treatment is almost as important as the treatment itself.

Reiki is an intelligent energy that flows wherever you focus your attention, so focus on health and joy. That’s how nature intends it. It is a non-invasive and causes virtually no side effects, making it a safe choice for any individual with diabetes. Reiki has been used for many different health purposes, including reducing stress, easing chronic pain and side effects of chemotherapy, and enhancing the immune system, mental clarity, and a sense of well being.

Gentle, healing Reiki energy and specific crystals are of great use in healing diabetes and its symptoms over the long term, and even permanently. But we must also combine healthy, whole foods diets, glucose monitoring (at LEAST once a day, but 3-4 times is even better!), and regular exercise as part of the treatment program in healing and/or resolving diabetes. It truly is a combination of all factors that helps alleviate and virtually cure those who have blood glucose issues.

No Reiki Master wants anything wrong for their clients and hence, it is better to be safe. Reiki provides holistic treatment and hence, the management of your disease has to be done in a right way for you.

Learn it from an expert, join classes or groups that can help you and we are pretty sure the result would be not just visible, but drastic and impactful to turn your life around into a positive way. For sessions or to know more about Reiki contact us on 9152203064 or mail your queries at [email protected] . For more updates on crystal, Vastu, reiki, healing, astrology, numerology, etc stay tuned share and like our page Facebook, Instagram and twitter page @jaymahakaal01 and keep visiting www.jaymahakaal.com

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