Sometimes, despite your hard work and dedication, you do not get the accomplishment that you expect in your life. According to Hindu texts, understanding your birth date and sun sign allows you to quickly get everything you rightly deserve in life by adorning the divinity who governs your sun sign. However, if you are unsure about which gods should be revered based on your sun sign, simply read the following points to have a better understanding.

Aries– Mars is the governing planet of the Aries sign. All Arians should venerate Lord Shiva to strengthen the Mars planet.

Gemini-Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini. Mercury’s governing God is “Srimannarayan,” hence all Geminis must embrace Lord Srimannarayan for quick blessings and auspiciousness in their lives.

Leo– The ruling planet for Leo is the Sun, while the ruling God is Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is extremely easy to please; therefore, all Leos should worship Shiva by singing his holy mantra for their good.

Libra– If your solar sign is Libra, it is controlled by Venus, and Goddess Lakshmi is the reigning deity of this planet. Thus, by honoring Goddess Lakshmi, you can gain good fortune and success.

Taurus– Taurus is also ruled by Venus, so all Taurians should bow to Goddess Lakshmi for good luck, pleasant vitality, and wealth.

Scorpio– Because the Mars planet rules this zodiac sign, all Scorpions should worship Lord Shiva to strengthen their Mars planet.

Aquarius– This Zodiac sign is ruled by the planet Mars. Lord Shiva is the primary God in charge of Mars. Thus, if you were blessed under the sign of Aquarius, you must worship Lord Shiva regularly by singing his chant with a pure heart and sincerity.

Virgo– The governing planet for this zodiac sign is Mercury. Lord Srimannarayan, an avatar of Lord Vishnu, is the governing God of Mercury, and all Virgos should worship him for quick riches and good fortune in their lives.

Cancer—The Moon governs Cancer. The Moon’s reigning deity is Goddess Gauri. Gauri is the Goddess of serenity and empathy; therefore, if your sun sign is Cancer, you must pray to her.

Sagittarius-“Shri Dakhsinamurthy” is Jupiter’s governing God. Dakshinamurthy is Lord Shiva’s avatar as the instructor of wisdom and insight. Thus, if you were born under this zodiac sign, you must worship Shri Dakhsinamurthy to get positive results.

Pisces– Jupiter, the planet, also rules Pisces. For improved outcomes, all Pisceans should pray to Shri Dakhsinamurthy.

Capricorn– Because Lord Shiva is the governing God of this planet, all Capricorns must worship him.

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