Why ‘Crows’ are considered sacred during Pitru Paksha?

Performing pitru paksha is extremely important in Hinduism, according to the scriptures. The tradition says that if we fail to perform shraddha sacraments during pitru paksha, we will not be able to give our ancestors peace and their souls will wander in this world.

A 16-day celebration of Shraddha is held in honor of ancestors. During these days, crows are treated as symbols of our ancestors and fed food. The reason for giving the crow food is often questioned. How does the crow play such an important role in pitru paksha? Is that something we have ever considered? Is there a reason for this strange ritual? Let’s discover the truth about primeval facts written at the dawn of time.

Crows are described as Yamraj’s messengers in the Garuda Purana. According to tradition, feeding crows is a renowned tradition from the Shraddha period, and food is kept for the cows. By accepting food, the crow indicates that the ancestors have accepted that food. The crow was once given a boon by Lord Yam during a famous king’s yagna that the food provided to him would also calm the souls of the ancestors.

Crows have also been given God’s status in many Hindu mythologies. Jayant, the son of Lord Indra, is said to have embraced the cow’s form after he became fascinated with Goddess Sita. As a result of his proposal being rejected, he attacked mother Sita, whom Lord Rama then thrashed with Brahmastra. Jayant apologized to Lord Rama after realizing what he had done. Since Ram had a pure heart, he forgave him. As part of his blessing, he also promised that you will receive food at the time of pitru paksha, and the ancestors in heaven will also receive food on Shraddha days.

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