Multiple Swasthya Bandh – Silver Mounted (Indonesia)


It is also very effective for depression, anxiety & nervousness



Rudraksha beads with three Mukhi beads and two beads with three Mukhi beads make up this combination. In addition to helping the blood flow properly, it relieves stress, anxiety, and complexes. As a result, those with high blood pressure or diabetes feel renewed energy after wearing it. You should wear it around your neck.


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A normal person wont believe until u experience, The True spirit of Divine. Yes with guidance of Jay Mahakaal I really could see the changes in myself my family, my status…. so would request everyone to please listen to them carefully and experience the divine Thanks a lot.

Preston Fernandes Manager

Heyyy.. I have something to share with you all, when I consulted Jay Mahakaal for some of my personal issues, with just my date of birth whatever I got to know from them was all true. It helped me a lot as well as I got a positive responses…. Thank you so much.

Petrina Teacher

Most trusted site, genuine experts, brilliant service. My life has changed since I had taken healing for my hypertension, negativity and also I am now a second level reiki practitioner with Karuna reiki and numerology in bonus. Thank you Jay Mahakaal you are boon to mankind.

Pushpa Rai Lecturer

Good and favourable things has been happening to me since I had started wearing 10 Mukhi Rudraksha. Tested & verified premium quality beads. Thank you Jay Mahakaal.

Swati Singh Admin Executive

First of all, thank you so much for your kind hospitality. I am really amazed how these people provide accurate prediction and an analysis of an individual just with their date of birth. Also, they provide remedies which are cheap, affordable & convenient which everyone can do. Thank you Jay Mahakaal you are doing a great job.

Kamlesh Kumar Senior Executive Officer
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