Positive Impact of Mars Retrograde 2023 on the Zodiac Signs

Mars Retrograde 2023 impact on Zodiac Signs

Mars Retrograde and its impact: January 2023

Mars is known as the blood, bravery, and land component in Vedic astrology. Aside from that, the good fortune of a woman’s marriage is also tied to Mars in her horoscope. Mars is presently in Taurus and will go retrograde on January 13, 2023. He will then enter the sign of Mercury, Gemini, on March 13, 2023. The way of Mars will touch all 12 zodiac signs, but three zodiac signs will benefit greatly from Mars’ favor at this time. Let’s know about the impact of Mars Retrograde.

Read more about the three zodiac signs.

Cancer Zodiac Sign in Mars Retrograde January 2023 –

For the people of this zodiac sign, Mars being the lord of the fifth and tenth house is beneficial. Mars will now be transitory in the eleventh house for Cancerians. The income of the native is known from this house. Mars sitting in this house will have an eye on your wealth, children, and enemies. With this transit of Mars, there will be an increase in your income and respect at the workplace. At this time you will be successful in achieving a big goal. Full cooperation from family members is expected. Can invest in any land at this time. With the grace of Mars, cooperation will be received from the children. The sum of the end of an old disease is visible.

Sagittarius in Mars Retrograde-

Mars will now be transiting in the sixth house for the people of Sagittarius. With this feeling, the debt, disease, and enemy of the person are understood. Mars sitting in this house will aspect your ninth, twelfth and ascendant house. With this transit to Mars, the obstacles coming into the job will be destroyed. Your secret enemies will become breathless during this time. In connection with work, chances of traveling abroad are visible. At this time, a big person can be met through a religious journey. At this time your flow of energy will be increased and you will get respect for your work in society.

Pisces in Mars Retrograde –

Mars is the lord of the second and ninth house for the people of this zodiac sign. Mars will now be moving into the third house for the people of Pisces. From this sense, courage, valor, and brothers are considered. The vision of Mars sitting in this house will now be on your sixth, ninth and tenth house. With this transit to Mars, your courage will increase and you will benefit from short journeys. At this time, with the help of brothers, you can also get ownership of a property. Working people can now get new job offers. For the business class, this transit of Mars will be an increase in income. Time is good for people working in real estate.

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