Pitru Paksha 2022: Avoid Consuming These Food Items During Pitru Paksha

Pitra Paksha is venerated in our culture, and every individual needs to maintain a strict daily regimen to pay reverence to their respective predecessors. Furthermore, there are several limits and requirements to follow.

While performing rituals such as Shradh, Tarpan, and Pind Daan for the family’s deceased spirits, the members must adhere to a rigorous diet and refrain from ingesting certain food items. Needless to say, non-vegetarian food and alcohol should be avoided during this sacred month of Pitru Paksha, but there are many additional foods to avoid throughout these 15 days.

Garlic and onion

According to Veda, onion is Tamasic, but garlic is Rajasic. Both of these veggies should be kept separate, and people should avoid eating them since they might cause body heat. However, some Ayurveda specialists advise that onions and other Tamasic foods be shunned during the Shradh period.

Non-vegetarian cuisine

Are you a huge foodie who enjoys eating non-vegetarian meals? If so, you will have a difficult time spending these 15 days. Why you could ask? Non-veg is off-limits during Pitru Paksha. Broadly said, you’ll have to queue 15 days to eat some great non-vegan food items.

Wheat and legumes

During the holy month of Shradh, uncooked grains are forbidden. As a result, rice, legumes, and wheat should be avoided during this time. It is considered illegal to ingest these foods if they have not been prepared. Potatoes, arbi, and radishes are also prohibited.

 Lentils with Masoor Dal

While the foods stated above are completely forbidden, Masoor Dal cannot be taken by anybody who is performing Shradh rites. Chickpeas and split lentils are also banned during this period. Avoid Chane Sattu and Black Urad Dal as well.


Aside from non-vegetarian meals and liquor, there are a few more food items that are forbidden during Pitru Paksha. Jeera, black salt, black mustard, cucumbers, and brinjals are among the ingredients.

It is worth noting that food has a unique meaning in Pitru Paksha. As a result, it becomes necessary for us to be mindful of what we eat, make, and gift to our forefathers during this time.

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