All numbers are possessed by distinctive vibes and energy numerology, nonetheless there are some numbers that have higher energy than the standard 9. These are known as Master Numbers. These master numbers are blessed to solely fewer ones, chosen itself by the destiny.
These numbers are 11, 22, and 33. Together, these profound energies represent the 3 phases of creation: imagery, building, and sharing. Eleven is that the visionary, Twenty two is that the designer, and Thirty three delivers it to the planet.

Though the Master Numbers hold unbelievable potential, this does not come back freely. Individuals with 11s, 22s, or 33s in their {numerology discipline) chart are usually place through struggle or burden to find out the profound lessons that cause this potential. Master Numbers take a protracted time for someone to, well, master, thus this potential usually is not reached till later in life

When do Master Numbers matter?

The numbers 11, 22, and 33 do not continuously hold this “masterly” potential. The numbers in your branch of knowledge chart influence you most directly and in person and this can be wherever eleven, 22, or thirty-three hold their true power. However, the placements in your chart are not even robust enough to warrant a Master range! Here area unit some places you will notice a Master Number in your Numerology:

  • Core numbers including Life Path number and Birthday number.
  • Any number derived from your name (for example: Expression number, Personality number, Soul Urge number)
  • Period cycles, Pinnacle cycles, and Essence cycles

Note: Master Numbers are never used when calculating either a Universal or Personal Year, Month, or Day number as in such a case, they are always reduced to a single digit.

Now, you would be eager to know more about these numbers, so lets begin.


The number 11 is a prophet and possess intuition power more than any other. This number is inclined more towards spirituality. This number gives power and deep sense of intuition, where one can see and feel, what others cannot. This number is known to understand deep thoughts of people and feeling even without letting people speak out.

People with an 11 Life Path spend their lifetime learning to trust their intuition and will be presented with more difficult experiences than others to hone this unique skill. Sometimes this turns out to be a boon but sometimes bane too. For this master number, relationship works at forefront and they value feelings and emotions. The people with this potential number should hear their inner voice rather than following their emotional heart.

Master No.22

Known as the “Master Builder,” the number 22 is also blessed with the intuition of the number 11. This number has almost the same power and vibes as of the number 4 i.e rational and logical thinking ability and forming solid structures by following instincts. This makes this number a visionary.

People with 22s in their Numerology chart are not any wizards, but are actually realizers who are confident, hard workers who look after creating something, that they can cherish for life. Throughout a lifetime of setbacks and struggles, these people learn what it means to stay dedicated to their life purpose. Each trial is a spiritual lesson in how much one can achieve if they keep their eyes on the prize and work with the currents of the universe.

Master Numbers are so powerful that their energy must be acknowledged. Resisting the influence of the Master Number 22 usually results in idleness or a total lack of direction. These people may realize too late in life that they are unprepared and unaccomplished. However, when a person accepts and aligns with the powerful potential of the 22, then truly anything is possible.


Master No.33

The number encompasses pure love and light. It is termed as “Master Teacher” in Numerology due to its power of guiding others towards the path of knowledge and enlighten. This master number is rare to find and if one has this number in their chart, then it relates deeply to the heart and soul. People with this master number knows to deal with struggles and hardships with swiftness and hence become example of hope and aspiration for the others. These people radiate the feeling of love and heal others in need.

This number acts as a bridge for divine messages to reach us. It carries the perceptive powers of the 11 and the manifestation powers of the 22, then, with the addition of its extraordinary ability to share and heal, it becomes the post profound presence of all.

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