Make it out with MERCURY- Mercury Retrograde 2022

The wily planet has returned, and it is more devious than ever. Even though Mercury is the planet of communication and reasoning, this intelligent planet has a side that is far more mischievous than sweet. Prepare to become well acquainted with its capers, particularly if you belong to one of the zodiac signs most impacted by Mercury retrograde from September to October 2022.


On September 9, Mercury will retrograde in your seventh house of partnerships, which might cause confusion and disagreements, especially if there is still leftover trauma from exes. Indeed, this retrograde may bring an ex back into your life (preferably with an apology). On September 23, Mercury will retrograde back into your sixth house of health and work, and you may feel like you’re slipping behind on some of your objectives. However, this isn’t always a terrible thing, notably if you haven’t been effectively regulating your energies.


Mercury retrograde in your fifth house of passion and creativity may cool things down in your romantic life, but it will also prompt you to reconsider how you express yourself and catch emotions for someone. You could even find that an old sweetheart from your past reappears, allowing you to resume your relationship.

When Mercury retrogrades back into your fourth house of home and family on September 23, the feeling will become considerably more profound. It could be time to take the great things you’ve learnt from your family while also acknowledging some of the negative tendencies you’ve acquired from them.


Mercury’s retrograde may inspire you to reconsider your connection with your material possessions. Although Mercury retrograde may cause some unrest, it is also urging you to restructure your money and reconsider what you value.

However, when Mercury retrogrades back into Virgo on September 23, the misunderstanding will undoubtedly increase. You may even feel plagued by things you’ve done in the past, notably if you’ve worked hard to evolve and move on! Fortunately, this retrograde is only making it easier for you to let go of the past, so try to go with the flow, Virgo. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to have everything figured out right away.


Mercury stations retrograde in Libra, making you the primary target of this perplexing trip. However, it is not the end of the world, and you will *certainly* overcome this. However, when Mercury retrogrades through your first house of the self, it might lead to a distorted sense of identity, particularly if you count on other people’s approval to feel entire. You are controlled by Venus, the planet of beauty, which suggests that you value feeling pretty and secure in your own flesh. When Mercury retrogrades in your 12th house of hidden energy, it becomes extremely potent for mending and introspection. Give yourself permission to be delightfully flawed, Libra.

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