Major Astro Events and Their Impact

Venus Saturn-Uranus Conjunction – March 28th

Venus is the planet of everything elegant and opulent, whereas Saturn is the planet of Karma. The
planet is a harsh instructor who is keen to get your life in order, by trick or by foul. Saturn may even
offer you some difficulties for your benefit. But, hey, those who have been shaped by blaze are the
fiercest when they emerge! So, will this tight conjunction of Venus and Saturn offer you a life of
luxury or some adversity for the better? Find out right now by contacting our specialists for
personalized forecasts.

Mars Saturn Conjunction – April 5

On April 5, 2022, only one week by Venus and Saturn’s near confluence, another significant
convergence will occur! Mars will accompany Saturn this time. Mars is seen as a ferocious, hostile
planet with a penchant for combat. Saturn, as previously stated, is the planet of Fate and Judgment.
It also symbolises our virtues and principles. It will be fascinating to say the least when they stand
next to each other in the sign of Aquarius.

Rahu – Ketu Transit – April 12

Following two Saturn-Mars-Venus conjunctions, it’s time for the moon’s most dreaded nodes: Rahu
and Ketu. These are also known as phantom planets and are supposed to bring numerous difficulties
into a person’s life. However, this is not always the case. These planets can also help humans if they
are placed correctly. If you are still concerned about Rahu – Ketu’s significant transit on April 12, you
may chat with our professional and experienced pundits today about how the transits of these
shadow planets will impact you.

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