Kharmas 101: A Comprehensive Guide to Astrological Relevance and Practices

Kharmas 101 A Comprehensive Guide to Astrological Relevance and Practices

Kharmas: Astrological Relevance and Practices

Kharmas in Hindu astrology, refers to a period believed to have adverse effects on certain auspicious activities. It is a month-long phase that occurs roughly during the end of December and the beginning of January. Understanding Kharmas and its relevance in astrology sheds light on the practices observed during this time.

Have you ever pondered the intricacies of life, wondering why certain events unfold the way they do? The concept of “Kharmas” in astrology offers a fascinating perspective on the cosmic forces that shape our journey on this earthly plane. In this exploration, we delve into the meaning, significance, and practical applications of Kharmas.

The month Kharmas is considered inauspicious to conduct any auspicious tasks, especially marriages. Kharmas is followed mainly in Bihar, Jharkhand and in eastern parts of Uttar Pradesh.

When Kharmas will start in 2023?

Kharmas- Date and time

Astrologically speaking, Kharma happens when the Sun moves into Sagittarius or Pisces. Kharmas will start on December 16, 2023, and run until January 15, 2024, Makar Sankranti. The Sun will enter the sign of Sagittarius in December, which corresponds to Dhanu Sankranti.

Khramas is also known as Malmas. In the month of December, Kharmas period will begin from December 16, 2023 and it will end on Makar Sankranti which will occur on January 15, 2024.

Kharmas is a period when Sun enters the zodiacs of Jupiter i.e. Sagittarius and Pisces. The Sun is very bright and it supresses the power of other planets. In this case it is Jupiter. It is believed that Jupiter gives power to all auspicious rituals in Hinduism.

Kharmas Relevance in Astrology:

Kharmas Relevance in Astrology

Kharmas is considered an inauspicious time, and according to Vedic astrology, it’s believed to be unsuitable for initiating new ventures, major purchases, or conducting important ceremonies. It’s believed that any activities commenced during this period may face obstacles or may not yield the desired results.

Kharmas 2023: Do’s During Khar Month

Kharmas- Do's and Don'ts
  • Reflection and Planning: Utilize Kharmas for introspection, planning, and strategizing. It’s an ideal time for reflecting on past actions and contemplating future endeavors.
  • Spiritual Practices: Engage in spiritual activities like meditation, chanting, or reading religious texts. Devoting time to spiritual pursuits is considered beneficial during this period.
  • Completing Pending Tasks: Focus on completing pending tasks or tying up loose ends rather than starting something new.
  • Charity and Service: Emphasize acts of charity and service. Helping others and contributing to society is believed to counteract negative influences.

What Not to Do During Kharmas:

What Not to Do During Kharmas
  • Avoid New Beginnings: It’s advised not to commence new projects, start a business, or initiate major life decisions during Kharmas.
  • Postpone Weddings and Ceremonies: Traditionally, weddings and ceremonies are avoided during this time due to the perceived negative influence.
  • Limit Travel: Refrain from undertaking extensive travel or starting long journeys during Kharmas.
  • Astrology plays a significant role in many people’s lives, influencing decisions and actions. While Kharmas is considered inauspicious, it’s also viewed as an opportunity for introspection and spiritual growth. However, individual beliefs and practices regarding Kharmas vary widely, and modern perspectives may differ from traditional observances.

Ultimately, whether one follows the customs associated with Kharmas or not, the period can serve as a time for contemplation and focusing on personal growth and well-being, aligning with the broader ethos of spiritual development and self-awareness in Hindu philosophy.

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