KARWACHAUTH 2022 – Tithi and Tales

An influential Hindu festival for married women, Karwachauth or Karaka Chaturthi, falls in the month of Kartik, which this year falls on October 13. Hindu tradition celebrates Karwa Chauth on the fourth day of the month of Kartik, where “Karwa” means “pot” and “Chauth” means “Four”. Talking about the importance of Karwachauth, even unmarried girls wait eagerly for this auspicious day to get the life partner of their dreams.

Chaturthi Tithi schedule – from October 13, 2022, at 1:59 am to October 14, 2022, at 3:08 am.

It is extremely important to know the related customs and traditions to be followed to celebrate a happy Karwachauth celebration for all women whether they are married or not.

Many stories are associated with the sacred festival of Karwachauth. Some of these folk tales are:

 The story of Veeravati

 This is the story of Veeravati, the only sister of seven brothers. She was married to a great king, and for the sake of her husband’s longevity, she decided to follow up the fast. Out of brotherly love, her brother helped her speed up the fasting process, and they lit a fire behind the mountain. As she was very hungry and thirsty. Veervati was tricked into thinking the fire was the moon, which she quickly disrupted. While she was fasting and eating, news came that her husband had passed away. After hearing that, she began to cry from her heartbreak, which forced Goddess Parvati to appear and help her. Goddess Parvati tells her that she has been deceived by her brother, so she should repeat fast again. Then she fasted again, and her husband returned.

The story of Karva

 Karwa was a very devoted wife (pati-vrata). One day, while her husband was swimming in the river, a crocodile pounced on her husband. Karwa begs Yama to send her husband back and

send the crocodile to hell. At first, Yama refuses, but when Karwa threatens Yama to curse him, then even Yama gets scared and follows his instructions. Since then, Karwachauth has been honored by devotees.

The story of Savitri

When Yamraj came to take Satyavan’s life, Savitri tried to stop him. Lord Yama refused, and because of the loss of her husband, she gave up eating and drinking. Lord Yama has asked her for something other than her husband’s life, and her wish will be granted. Savitri asks to have children, and since she was a loyal wife, she will not bear children of any other man, so Yama was forced to free her husband, and they live happy life after that. This is the story of Savitri Amavasya, mainly found in Odisha. 

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