GOVARDHAN PUJA 2022 – Date, Significance and Muhurat

The Govardhan Puja is commemorated on the second day of Diwali, the Gujarati New Year. On this day, people worship Lord Krishna, Govardhan mountain, and cattle. On this day, 56 or 108 different foods are prepared and served to Lord Krishna. These dishes are known as “Annakoot.” Lord Krishna is said to have spared the lives of millions of creatures and beings from Lord Indra’s anger by holding the massive Govardhan mountain under his tiny finger with his heavenly might to safeguard the inhabitants of Braj. The Annakoot festival is another name for it. On this day, people make Govardhan from cow dung and worship it in their houses.

The theological significance of worshipping Govardhan is that Lord Krishna intended to shatter Indra’s pride. Therefore, he shielded the Gokul inhabitants from Indra by lifting the Govardhan mountain on his little finger. On the day of Kartik Shukla Pratipada, Lord Krishna is said to have honored Govardhan mountain by performing 56 Bhog. Govardhan Puja has been practiced since then, and the celebration of Govardhan Puja and Annakoot is held every year.

The Significance of Govardhan Puja

Govardhan Puja is one of the most religious festivals for Sanatan Dharma practitioners because it honors the sacred cow. This is also done in many other areas for the wealth and happiness of the family, overall wellness, and longevity.

The Method of Govardhan Puja

Govardhan is revered first thing in the morning. On this day, the Govardhan mountain should be worshipped because it was created from cow dung. Once the Govardhan figure has been created, set the Lord Krishna statue in the middle. Make a bowl-sized orifice in the image’s belly and stuff it with milk, curd, Gangajal, nectar, base, and other ingredients. Incense, light, and Naivedya should be offered to the newly created Govardhan mountain. Offer people food, chocolates, and other treats as well.


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