Raj Yoga

Many people struggle in life, but some have inherited a Kundli that assures them a lifetime of comfort, rule, and luxury. Raja Yoga is said to be the factor in such a lifetime.

People like this usually never run out of money, and success follows them wherever they go. Also, his personality is highly impressive, and he manages to mesmerize people every time he appears.

It has been said that being powerful, successful, and having whose orders people follow are also aspects of Raj Yoga.

Each of the nine planets has a distinct significance, but Jupiter is the most important. It is a planet of immense power. Those of us with a strong Jupiter in our lives are sure to benefit from Raj Yoga.

Jupiter’s anger will ruin a person’s day in no time. People who are in Jupiter’s center are considered good. Jupiter in marriage is also considered very auspicious. In this case, the Kundalini is cleansed and the person is also given a longer life span.

Gajkesari Yoga

In Gajkesari Yoga, Jupiter and the Moon are at each other’s centers. For people born under the signs of Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, this yoga is very beneficial. Those who practice it succeed at whatever they do.

Astrologically, Gajkesari yoga is an auspicious yoga. A person with this fortunate yoga in his birth chart has great success in life. Such a person gains recognition and popularity in several locations. At the same moment, such individuals are unconcerned about money.

How is Gajkesari Yoga formed?

Gajkesari Yoga is established in the birth chart when Jupiter and the Moon meet. That is when Jupiter and the moon planet develop a partnership, and GajKesari Yoga is born. This is a yog created by the moon and Jupiter. Jupiter is regarded as a favorable planet in astrology. He is known as the gods’ guru. The moon, on the other hand, is regarded as the source of the mind. It is refreshing.

When does GajKesari Yoga give auspicious results?

Because of the establishment of GajKesari Yoga, a person’s life is never short of riches, female bliss, kid joy, a house, a car, a status, a reputation, a servant, and so on. He has a happy and wealthy life, reaches the peak of prosperity, and rises to a prominent post. This yoga is seen to be extremely fortunate.

Even though Gajkesari appears on the yoga natal chart, this yoga does not always produce the best results. This is only conceivable if Rahu or another foreboding planet observes this yoga. According to Rahu, this yoga does not provide complete results. At the same time, even if the Moon and Jupiter’s positions in Kundli are weak, the whole benefit of Gajkesari Yoga is not reached.

Boost the Moon and Jupiter

To reap the advantages of Gajkesari Yoga, the Moon and Jupiter must be in good health. Lord Shiva should be worshipped to strengthen the moon, and watering the moon on the day of the full moon lowers the moon’s inauspiciousness. On Thursday, one should worship Lord Vishnu to make Jupiter happy. If the Moon and Jupiter are weak in your horoscope, you can seek assistance from our astrologers to strengthen them.

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