All About Dussehra 2022: Meaning, Date, Muhurat And Significance

This festival of victory has an immense significance that dates back to Ramayana lore. In Hindu scriptures, it is known as Vijayadashami. Additionally, the day marks the triumph of good over evil and the shattering of Ravana’s inflated ego. “Dussehra” comes from Sanskrit, which means “ten” and “Hara” means annihilated. By combining these two words, we get the meaning “Annihilation of ten evil faces by Ramana’s hand,” 

Hindu texts also mark this day as the culmination of the nine-day festival of Navratri. On this day, Durga made the last attack on Mahishasur and free humanity. The word Navratri is an acronym for nine nights in Sanskrit. “Nava” stands for nine and “Ratri” for the night. The nine from Shakti Devi are worshiped during these ten days and nights.

About Vijayadashami 2022

Not only is this day remembered for killing Mahashasur, but also for triumphing over the demon king Ravana. It was on this same day that goddess Durga fought ferociously against the demon Maahishur to restore Dharma. As a result, all manifestations of goddess Durga are worshipped and celebrated during Dussehra, which is now known as Vijayadashami.

Vijayadashami will fall on Wednesday, Oct 5, 2022, this year.

Muhurat timings for Vijayadashami Puja

Vijay Muharat: 02:26 PM to 03:14 PM

Aparahna Puja: 01:39 PM to 04:01 PM

Dashami Tithi Begins – 02:20 PM on Oct 04, 2022

Dashami Tithi Ends – 12:00 PM on Oct 05, 2022

Shravana Nakshatra Begins – 10:51 PM on Oct 04, 2022

Shravana Nakshatra Ends – 09:15 PM on Oct 05, 2022

Dashmi Rituals

The event is celebrated differently in each state of India. This holiday is observed by the majority of northern and western Indians in honor of Lord Rama. 

Northern India also observes Dussehra by burning massive effigies of the demon Ravana. Diwali is preceded by twenty days.

In Kolkata, the day is observed by performing Durga Puja, as it is known in Bengali.

The nine days of Navratri are celebrated in Southern India with an exhibition of Gods and Dolls known as Golu. On this wonderful occasion of Dussehra, sweets are also made to commemorate the event.

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