4 Easy Tips to Knock Out Negativity From Your House

True, the world is filled with both good and bad energy. The intricacy of chakras within us is what causes someone to emanate bad energy, not their purpose. To maintain a healthy mind and body, we must remember not to become a source of toxic energy or a carrier of it. We should avoid negative ideas such as envy, criticism of others, quarrelsomeness, overeating, and drowsiness. The search for self-improvement is a daily activity, and our energy impact our surroundings and vice versa. The following are some indicators that there are bad energies on the planet.

1. A family member’s chronic health issue may not be responsive to therapy. There are occasions when we are unable to discover a remedy for a family member’s illness.

2. Work or excellent opportunities becoming stalled or being ripped away constantly just as they are about to bear fruit.

3. Inability to meet success and failure to achieve intended goals.

4. Feeling tired all the time and lacking attention or motivation to accomplish anything despite numerous possibilities.

5. A negligible state of mind.

6. Feel uneasy remaining or working in such surroundings.

7. Recurrent unpleasant thoughts or suicidal ideation.

8. Erratic, illogical, or unexpected action by a family member(s) in reply to a simple/straight trigger.

9. Repeated squabbles.

 Remove negativity from our homes with these simple steps:

 Cleaning and treatment

  1. Keep Your Home’s Entrance Tidy!
  • This advice not only keeps bad energy at bay but also helps to make a positive first impression on your guests. You may also put little plants on your front door to make it appear more inviting. Your home must be clean and neat not just on the inside but also on the outside. As a result, you must keep your home’s entryway clean regularly.
  • Wipe door handles and windows with a solution of water, lemon juice, salt, and white vinegar. After that, sprinkle sea salt at all doorways and cover them with a doormat to keep negative vibes out.

 2. Sage and Agarbattis Burning

1. Burning Agarbatti (incense sticks) and Dhoop helps increase the favorable energy. The agarbattis and dhoops should be displayed in every nook and cranny of the home twice daily to assist us to minimise bad energy levels and promoting a healthy and balanced life.

2. Burning “sage or smudge sticks” and dispersing their smoke in every part of the site might aid in the removal of bad energy.

3. Colors and crystals are used

  • To eliminate bad energy, stones such as amethysts, black tourmaline, and others can be employed.
  • Colors have always had a bearing on the energies at home, and Vastu shastra implies that some colors are particularly effective in attracting pleasant energies. Colors are used to influence each direction of the premises. Anti-color, on the other hand, generates negative energy. Blue in the NW, N, and NE. Green in the east, orange in the southeast, red in the south, and red+yellow in the southwest. Dark blue in the West is the best color.

 4. The advantages of religious symbols, artifacts, and the usage of prayers and chanting

  • Religious artifacts, such as pyramid yantras and idols or portraits of Gods, attract fortunate energies.
  • To be Vastu compatible, the puja room should be located in the northeast.
  • Religious and astrological symbols, such as elephants, can be strategically positioned to boost and magnify the entry and flourishing of positive energies in the surroundings.
  • 4. Prosperous noises such as bells, conches, and cymbals should be promoted. These aid in the removal of bad and sluggish energy from the premises.

These are few simple and effective remedies that you can follow to keep positivity all around.

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