15 Vastu Tips To Transform Your Life Instantly

During the day, you are most likely to spend time at work or home. Thus, it is important to consider how the placement of things in our homes and offices can influence our way of life in many ways. Vastu Shastra plays a crucial role here. In addition to health and wealth, Vastu influences the house’s energy. As more people are becoming aware of Vastu, they are following it to make their homes more peaceful and happier. A Vastu-based approach to house moving leads to a happier, more successful life than a non-Vaastu-based approach.

As a result of Vastu, we gain more monetary and spiritual bliss, harness our energy, and affect our stars. Despite not being realistic, the more you follow it, the more fortunate you will become. The practice of Vaastu improves one’s mental state, makes one more optimistic, and thus makes one more likely to achieve one’s goals.

Oftentimes, conflicts and stressful circumstances occur in our families that are unnecessary. Apathy among house members increases as close ties deteriorate. Disagreements will inevitably occur from time to time. All of this may be attributed to Vastu Dosha. Read and use these 15 Vastu Shastra-based ideas for resolving conflicts and living a better, more tranquil life:

  • Lighting “Guggul” once a week in your home may stimulate good energy and help to eradicate all toxicity.
  • It will be advantageous to grind wheat with two grains of Nageshkar and eleven leaves of Tulsi.
  • Never let dry flowers be in the house.
  • Another fantastic Vastu tip for bringing prosperity and tranquility into the home is to light diyas with mustard and cloves.
  • Every Thursday, serving milk to Tulsi can put a stop to unnecessary arguments and promote tranquility and mental harmony.
  • When some milk is poured over the Tawa after cooking chapatis, it is considered sacred.
  • Take out the first chapati for the cow, which is revered as a sacred animal by Hindus.
  • The house’s three doorways should never be in an exact line.
  • Put portraits of saints and Mahatmas in your living room that depict them bestowing blessings on you.
  • Things that are damaged, have garbage, or are no longer useful should not be kept.
  • Get a picture of anything loaded with a green hue in the southeast corner.
  • There ought to be no dripping faucets in the residence.
  • According to Vastu Shashtra, furnishings with round rims should be present in the home.
  • The Tulsi plant should be maintained in an East-facing gallery or where Pooja is frequently performed.
  • According to Vastu, drainage in the north or east is beneficial from an economic perspective.

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