14 Mukhi Rudraksha Mala Benefits

A 14 Mukhi Rudraksha receives the blessings of Lord Shiva and Hanuman. According to the shastras, this bead is also known as Maha Shani or DevaMani. Folklore tells us it was created by a tear that fell from Shiva’s third eye. It is believed that since the third eye of the Lord can remove all evil from the surrounding area, wearing this Rudraksha will rid the wearer of all evil spells. The intuitive mind is stimulated, which enables the user to come to sound conclusions. This enables the user to achieve success and riches in life. 

Our present lives are often a result of our past deeds, making it difficult for us to cope with life. People suffer because of this. Wearing the 14 Mukhi Rudraksha will help you deal with your past deeds and allow you to concentrate on your present life and create a beautiful future. In malefic mode, Saturn and Mars disrupt every aspect of the person’s life, be it career, love, or even family life. Hence, wearing 14 Mukhi rudraksha removes the effects of Mars and Saturn

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 Wearing 14 Mukhi rudraksha improves your intuition and allows you to make better decisions both professionally and personally.  

 These divine beads promise strength, courage, victory, and success with incredible intuitive abilities to the wearer and open the Guru Chakra, and prevent any kind of negativity from entering. 

Benefits of wearing 14 Mukhi rudraksha 

  • It helps you connect with yourself and strengthens your intuition. 
  • By wearing it, the wearer is shielded from all kinds of negative and evil practices and instilled with spiritual essence. 
  • It helps to heal chronic ailments such as arthritis, obesity, etc. 
  • This allows the wearer to choose a steady approach to problems. 
  • It gives you strength and courage in times of need. 
  • To reduce the effects of Mangal Dosha and its effects on life. 
  • In addition, it reduces the effects of Shani Sade Sati as well. 
  • The ability to make decisions is improved by it. 
  • Wearers are helped to overcome fears, phobias, and traumatic situations. 
  • It helps to treat phobias. 
  • It improves visualization. 
  • It helps to enhance the present, shield the future from past deeds’ effects, and improve the present. 
  • It can also help to treat gynecological conditions. 
  • It can also help to correct stammering. 
  • It can also assist in judging a person correctly. 
  • It protects against misery and worries. 
  • When worn, it prevents catastrophes. 
  • It promises well-being and prosperity. 
  • It treats illness. 

How To Wear 14 Mukhi Rudraksha 

Before wearing the Rudraksha, make sure it has been energized by a professional astrologer. They would also advise you to consult your birth chart to determine whether or not you should wear Rudraksha. Also, keep in mind that just because one form of Rudraksha suits one person, it does not always mean that it will suit you in the same manner. So, after all of this is confirmed, you can wear it on the recommended day and according to the technique suggested by the astrologer. 

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