How can Feng Shui resolve your relationship issues?

Facing a setback in your marital life? Good Feng Shui can bring you wealth, harmony, health, love and amplify all the good things in your life. Feng Shui can help relationships strengthen. Focused attention on the relationship area can bring you love that you have never experienced, or rekindle an old love. It can be used to quiet disputes within the family or relationships. So, here are some feng shui tips that will allow you to enhance the free flow of romance and marital bliss in your life. 

7 Feng Shui tips to improve love


It is time to start by de-cluttering the room, to allow positive energy and romance to come in. Clean the junk out, like old or dirty clothes, stained pieces of linen or furniture, torn or broken objects, etc. Such things have an adverse effect on your relationship, so it is best to keep them away. So, make your bedroom a clutter-free zone to allow enough space for love and romance. 

2)Choose your Romance Direction Right 

The Southwest corner of your home is the corner that governs the luck of love, romance and relationships. Natural crystals are especially effective for energising the Southwest corner of your home. Place a crystal on the Southwest corner of your living room or bedroom to activate and enhance your luck in romance. You should also keep two red candles in this corner, and light them every evening to reignite romance and passion between you and your partner. 

3)Choose Colours Wisely 

Colours are a very important part of feng shui. Try splashing some romantic and warm colours, like pink or shades of red, on the bedroom walls. Decorations can be used in pink, yellow or brown, which are known to attract and improve love and relations. Increase the passion in your relationship by the usage of fire elements in the room, like red curtains. However, do not overdo it. Try experimenting with soft shades like salmon, rose and coral, when it comes to curtains. Avoid using blacks, greens and browns. 

4)Keep Electronics at Bay 

Keep things like television, computer, or exercising gear out of your bedroom. Let your bedroom not be your TV room or your workroom. Still if you want to (or, have to) keep it, make sure they remain covered when not in use. Also, television sets should not face the bed directly. 

5)Make your bed special 

Make sure that the bed is not in a direct line with the door. Also, do not place the bed under a sloped ceiling. Beds with built-in storage drawer’s underneath are considered bad in feng shui. Make sure that your bed is not directly underneath a ceiling fan, as that can have a ‘cooling down’ effect on your romance. If you cannot shift the bed, then hang a crystal from the fan to neutralise the negative energies. The bed should be accessed from both sides, so avoid pushing it into the corner. Placing nightstands on both sides of the bed is a good idea, as long as it does not have pointed edges, and there are two of them. During the night, make sure to keep all doors in the bedroom are closed, especially those of the closet, bathroom and kitchen. 

6)Mattress counts too 

Do not buy or use pre-used mattresses on the bed, as you never know what energy they have accumulated from the previous owners. This is especially for newlywed couples. Also, do not use two separate mattresses on a double bed.


7)Symbols Matters 

Use love symbols in pairs, by way of pictures or figurines. Some popular symbols in feng shui are, the lovebirds, Mandarin ducks, pair of geese, etc. Mandarin ducks are one of the most well-known potent symbols of marital bliss. If you are trying to conceive, then keep a pair of elephant figurines in the room. Elephant figurines are known to enhance vitality, love, strength, health and longevity. To enhance the bond, keep them in the Southwest corner of the room, as that is the zone of romance and love. 

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