The power of energized parad locket

Parad is nothing but the form of fluid metal called as “mercury” which is further solidified by mixing with other metals. As per ayurved or other Vedic text parad is considered to be the semen of the great lord Shiva. It is considered to have divine powers & benefits.

As per vedic scriptures parad when worshipped in a idol form with help of various rituals can help people gain prosperity in various spheres of life. Parad can be given the form of any idol but the most worshipped & powerful is considered to be the Parad Shivalingam.

Parad Benefits:  Parad works on the Sahasrara Chakra. Parad enhances the association with Lord Shiva and benefits in meditation and spiritual routine. Brings peace, contentment, concentration, dhyana and supports in Samadhi. Siddh Parad contains miraculous properties of healing and protection.

Health Benefits Of Parad Locket: It has power to control various diseases such as High Blood Pressures, Diabetes, Asthma and also increase sex power. It is capable in helping the worshipper who is mentally, physically, financially and intellectually ill. It also helps the worshipper to control heart diseases

For digestive issues, constipation, acidity, the parad should be worn around the naval for 15-20 minutes daily for recovery. Meditation is best done by tying a parad bead on the forehead. 

The other supreme benefits of Parad include nullification of vastu defects, protection against black magic, increased sexual power, self-confidence, and harmony in relationship. 

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