Gaumukhi Shankh

It is scientifically proven that this Shankh helps in boosting blood circulation. Helpful for reducing problems related to kidney and liver. It’s features creates a positive energy and excludes pious vibes.

Gaumukhi Shankh is also known as Cow conch. When kept at Puja place it brings harmony, peace and bliss. To start any religious ceremonies, this Shankh is blown. It is said to purify the surroundings from all evil effects.

Gaumukhi Shankh is additionally called as Cow Conch. Cow is viewed as hallowed in our Hindu Religion and hence ‘Gomukhi Shankh’ has got its name after cow. Keeping Gaumukhi Shankh in temple place gives all the (Punya/gifts) advantages of keeping a cow. Gaumukhi Shankh helps in bringing concordance, harmony and delight.

Holy Significance in Indian Convention

‘Gaumukhi Shankha’ is viewed as a blessed and favorable Shankh. To begin any religious or auspicious beginnings, a Gomukhi conch shell (shankha) is blown. Indeed, even the Lord Vishnu, is appeared with a Conch shell in one hand and a chakra or a circle in the other.


  • Gaumukhi Shankh has special significance in Hindu religion.
  • Gaumukhi Shankh wards off all negative energy.
  • Gaumukhi Shankh also purifies our chakra and cleanses our aura around.
  • Gaumukhi Shankh helps in regulating our blood circulation.
  • Gaumukhi Shankh brings joy and harmony.
  • Gaumukhi Shankh is significant in problems related to kidney and lever.


Wash ‘Gaumukhi Shankh’ with water and unboiled milk and fasten them in a red thread, and apply sandal wood paste on it and then chant Gaumukhi mantra. Gaumukhi univalve is appropriate for girls or men of any age.

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