Ganesh Shankh

Defends us from all evil effects, negative energy, gives us luck , wealth and prosperity. It includes the strength of mind augments self confidence and helps in attaining fame , joy and good health .

It is the most sacred shankh which represents the blessing of deity ganpati . After the incarnation of Ganesha God Shiva game him the words stating that every new work will be started with worship of ganesh . Since then it became mandatory to worship Ganesha before any good work.


Lord Ganesha is worshipped as the lord of the beginnings, who removes obstacles (Vighnesha) and bestows wisdom.

People who worship Lord Ganesha and wants his blessings keeps Ganesha Shankh with them. Out of many types of conches found, Ganesha Shankh is very pious and precious.

It is a symbolic object that is filled with the presence of Lord Ganesha. It is popularly called as Ganesh Shankh as it looks like Lord Ganesha’s trunk.

This shankh should be kept in puja Ghar in the house or a place of business for pleasing Lord Ganesha and is very auspicious as Lord Ganesha is supposed to be worshipped first.


  • It helps to achieve fame and success in life.
  • It removes all sorts of negativity and obstacles from one’s life.
  • It fills the atmosphere with positivity.
  • It brings good fortune.
  • Keeping this conch in treasure box , proves beneficial.
  • This Shankh it helps a person to overcome the problem of business or job
  • This shankh proves to be useful for students if kept in a study room.
  • It wards off the malefic effects of planet Rahu.
  • The water of the Shankh if taken frequently bestows the buff with the extraordinarily physiological condition.
  • It is aforesaid that this sort of Shankh induces the strength of mind, augments authority and helps achieve fame, joy and physiological condition. The worshipper of this sacred Shankh is blessed dignity, knowledge, learning, ability and foresight.
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