Ek Mukhi Rudraksha

It is the rarest amongst all mukhis and is the king of all Rudraksha beads. Wearer of this bead attains Moksha, elevates in awareness and merges with the absolute consciousness of the divine.

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It governs the Sahasrara Chakra which governs clarity of mind, connection to God and spirit and your belief systems. Imbalance causes depression, obsession thinking, confusion and you may suffer from migraine or brain/nervous disorder. Once balanced you get a divine connection and manifest health. It is said to be good for the heart and eyesight too. Ek Mukhi Rudraksha gives more focus, individuality, name and fame.

EK MUKHI RUDRAKSHA (Blessed with the power of Divine)

‘Rudraksha’ is worshipped in our tradition as a symbol of God Shiva for ages. It is believed to be blessed with the blessings of the divine and indicates truth and attainment of eternity.

Rudraksha signifies seed or beads of a tree, but in our sacred books, Rudraksha symbolizes teardrops of Lord Shiva’s eye.

Rudraksha trees originate mainly in hilly areas and planes such as India, Java, Sumatra, Indonesia, etc. Rudraksha varies from Ek Mukhi to various Mukhi and among them all, ‘Ek Mukhi Rudraksha’ is said to be very rare and auspicious.

In Ek Mukhi Rudraksha there is only one cleft(face/side) that represents Lord Shiva itself. The ruling planet of Ek Mukhi Rudraksha is Sun and it is available in two types viz: round and moon-shaped.

Benefits of Ek Mukhi Rudraksha at Jay Mahakaal

• Ek Mukhi (One Face) Rudraksha can bring extreme strength, will power, wealth, success, name, fame and prosperity, self-confidence and enlightens the super consciousness.
• Ek Mukhi (One Face) Rudraksha helps you to overcome all the hurdles and glitches of life.
• One Face Rudraksha develops leadership quality.
• Ek Mukhi Rudraksha heals the anger and is a blessing for people with heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure etc.
• Ek Mukhi Rudraksha gives inner peace.
• Ek Mukhi Rudraksha helps to give away any kind of addition.
• Ek Mukhi (One Face) Rudraksha improves and enhances self-confidence, charm, personality and led to prosperity.
• Ek Mukhi Rudraksha drives off from any difficulty and turbulence that the wearer faces in life.
• This one Rudraksha works like a magic wand and fulfils the desire of the wearer.
• A person will become more caring and soft-hearted than before after wearing it.
• It wards off evil and negative energies.
• It helps in achieving financial and career growth, helps in getting promotion and authoritative position in life.

Health Benefits of 1 Mukhi Rudraksha

• Cures Migraines within 7 days of wearing.
• Cures psychiatric ailments like depression, anxiety and OCD.
• Helps in psychotic and Neurotic disorders.


The ek Mukhi Rudraksha rules all the planets and is closely associated with planet Neptune.

Mantra for One Face Rudraksha:

Mantra according to Padampurana- “Om Om Drisham Namah”
Mantra according to Skandpurana- “Om Em Namah”
Mantra according to Shivpurana- “Om Hreem Namah”
Mantra according to Yogsara- “Om Om Brasham Namah”

How to wear 1 Mukhi rudraksha?

The procedure of wearing Ek -Mukhi Rudraksha is not a rocket science at all. All you need to do is wake up early on Monday (as this day is dedicated to Lord Shiva) morning, then take a shower and wear neat and clean clothes. Try wearing not used clothes if you can. Then clean the place where you worship the God. After that take a copper vessel and place Gangajal in it and wash Rudraksha gently. Now sprinkle Gangajal on Rudraksha by chanting the mantras. It may be worn in white silk or wool thread after chanting the particular beej mantra which is mentioned above.

11 Points to Remember after wearing one face Rudraksha

  1. After buying one face Rudraksha bead wash it with clean fresh water and dip it in the cow’s milk for one day before wearing it.
  2. Worship it every day.
  3. Always maintain your trust on it.
  4. Avoid eating non-veg food after wearing it.
  5. Never consume alcohol after wearing it.
  6. Remove it before going to the funeral service.
  7. Don’t share your bead with anyone.
  8. Don’t flaunt it to anyone.
  9. Don’t use chemical soap after wearing it.
  10. Don’t wear a broken bead and get it fixed by some pandit.
  11. Remove it before sleeping.

Color Variations:

There are four variations of color in one Mukhi Rudraksha i.e., white, red, yellow and black.

  • White one face rudraksha – Helps in attaining physical wellbeing and eliminating all the troubles from wearer’s life.
  • Red one face rudraksha- It is believed that who wears or worship this Rudraksha, get rid of all the sins like as serious as the killing of Brahman.
  • Yellow one face rudraksha- Aspire of a luxurious life and salvation? Then is colour Rudraksha is for you.
  • Black one face rudraksha- Black colour fades away all the troubles in life and give a positive attitude to the wearer.


One Mukhi Rudraksha is a powerful Rudraksha, blessed with the charm of the divine Shiva. Its benefits are numerous and the wearer will feel divine energy after wearing it.

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5/5 (1 Review)