Dakshnivarti Shankh

Improves the mental ability of a child and improves the memory brings peace , happiness and positivity among the family members. It brings the progress, prosperity and abundance of wealth.

It holds an important place in Hindu religion functions. It’s a very powerfull shankh which is already blessed with the grace of goddess lakshmi. It keeps the poverty and scarcity out of home. It nullifies the malefic effects of planets and also saves you from death threats.


Dakshinavarti Shankh or Valampuri Sanggu or Sri Lakshmi Shankh is a sanctified/pious Hindu object popularly known as a conch shell. Out of the many shankhs available in the market, Dakshinavarti Shankh is very religious and rare. It is also known as Right hand Laxmi Shankh, as it has the right-hand twists in the bottom which makes it different from other shankha. Goddess Laxmi can be seen holding this Shankha in any of the idol or picture. This shankha is a blessing of Goddess Lakshmi and bestow the owner with great success and fame.


  • This Shankh relieves a person by eliminating all the previous sin brings good luck, if kept at home. 
  • As per the Atharva Veda, it can let down your enemies.
  • Dakshinavarti Shankha is a boon for hard times and gives good result, if is placed in the temple or inside the money box.
  • This Shankh is a blessing for those who have some air of black magic or tantric activity. If the water kept inside this conch is sprinkled on the sufferer, it will wave off all sorts of negative effects.
  • It is highly recommended as per the Vaastu and is good for bathing deities.
  • Dakshinavarti Shankha is a harbinger of positivity and helps in warding off negative thoughts. It is also said to have healing properties.
  • The powder of the shell helps in healing stomach issues and also is good for those suffering insomnia and depression.


  1. It is advisable to use right-hand conch shell in the temple room or locker wrapped in a silky cloth. It should be worshipped properly with full trust, respect and devotion. While using it, you can chant, “Laxmi Sahodaraya Fal Pradaya Fal Pradaya”, “Sridakshinavarta Shankhaya Sri Hrim Namah” or “Sridhar Karasthaya Payonidhi Jatayan”. Blowing this Shankh every morning, brings positivity in the environment.
  2. This is the best gift to present on any occasion like housewarming, birth ceremonies and any religious celebrations.
  3. It enhances love among the couple, if kept in the room.

Removes bad effects that arise due to the killing of a priest,

  1.  cow or a child in the previous births).

Important Pointers:

  • This Shankh should be cleaned on Wednesday and Thursday as per the auspicious muhurta.
  • It symbolises Godess Laxmi.
  • It is assumed that pouring water from this conch to Sun, eliminates eye problem.
  • It is good for business.
  • It helps in cleansing the aura around you.


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