How can ‘Reiki’ heal broken relationship?

Relationships these days have lost their true meaning and value. Nowadays relationships are only meant to serve purposes and people break honest relations for the mere sake of selfishness.

If you are someone who is facing a troubled relationship or have just undergone a broken bond then, Reiki can be a solution for you and can heal your broken ties.

Reiki is a miracle energy which symbolizes endless love. Reiki helps you to see a wider picture by broadening your mental horizon.

Usually, a relationship starts deteriorating due to zero or very less understanding between the partners and no compatibility. Usually, it is seen that couples tend to change their partners as per their way, which eventually lead in conflicts and then breaking up of the bond.

When we take the energy of the universe that is filled with immense love through Reiki, then the relationship between the partners starts healing. In Reiki, a certain process is followed by attaining energy from the universe to balance the chakras of the heart and by giving positive affirmations to the troubled partners. When one receives the positive energy the difference can be felt in the attitude. In order to improve the personal bonding between you and your loved ones, follow this process.

Firstly imagine the person you want to improve the relationship with and activate your reiki channels. Draw all the symbols on your hand and try to see the person you want to improve the tie with through your third eye, flowing with white or violet charge in a crystal ball and try to connect with symbols.

Clear the heart and mind of the person with the help of power symbols. You will see a change of vision in the person. Follow the process regularly to see the result effectively.

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