Why do people offer mustard or sesame oil to Lord Shani?

Lord Shani refers to planet Saturn and is also one of the auspicious Navagraha as per the Hindu Astrology. He is Lord Sun’s son.

In Hindu society, it is a ritual to give Shani dev a bath in sesame or mustard seed oil. But not many know the reason behind it.

The first story is related to Ravana: It is believed that Ravana was stuck in his arrogance and he made all the planets captive with his power. He had also put Shani Dev upside down in captivity. At the same time, Hanumanji had been there to Lanka as the messenger of Lord Ram. And in arrogance Ravana set Hanuman ji’s tail on fire.

Hanumanji had burnt the whole of Lanka by getting angry, and all the planets became free including Lord Shani (Saturn). Shani’s body was suffering a lot and he was moaning with pain. To calm his pain, Hanumanji had massaged his body with oil and freed Shanj from pain.

At the same time, Shani had said that any person who gives oil to me by reverence, will get rid of all the problems. Also, he said the one who will worship Lord Hanuman, Shani will never ever trouble him. From then on, the tradition of oiling on Shani Dev had begun.

The second story is related to Lord Hanuman: Once Shani Dev has proud because of his power and strength. When Shanidev approached Lord Hanumanji, he saw that Lord Hanuman was sitting in a quiet place in the worship of his lord Shriram.

Shani Dev challenged Lord Hanuman to fight with by interrupting his meditation. After this, there was a waging battle between both supreme powers. In the battle, Shani Dev got badly injured by losing from Lord Hanuman, which led to pain in his body. To ease his pain Lord Hanuman applied oil on the body of Lord Shani.
That is why since then, the tradition of giving mustered oil to Shani Dev has started and Saturday is been worshipped as the day of Shani.

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