The hidden facts behind human palm by Jay Mahakaal

We know the natural systems prevailing in various forms right from solar system to digestive system along with different relevant cycles.

Gravitational pull,
Electromagnetic effect,
Interatomic force,
Intermolecular force and
Will power are the five major actuators of natural system.
The five major compositions of natural elements are LAND, WATER, AIR, SKY and FIRE !

Land : The synthesizing of particles created Atom, Compound, Star and Land ( the Earth ). This provides the base of generations by remaining neutral.
Water : The atoms of hydrogen and oxygen, in the required proportion within proper situation, convert into water – a neutral liquid under the effect of lightning.

Air : The air is the current of neutral radiations with living energy ( oxygen ) and building components ( nitrogen and carbon ) as major constituents of life.
Sky : The vast envelope under which all lives generate is known as sky. This is formed by interferences and diffractions of waves. This is a vast neutral entity.

Fire : The fire is the nascent energy produced by sharp attachment of opposite charges. This is the bare energy overflowing at neutrality.
These five major constituents of living body were created out of the finest everlasting radiations. Human body ( of course PALMS ), too, is one of the best resultant composition of these five majors.

The mighty electromagnetic waves spread throughout the ever expanding space all around reflect its resultant lines of forces matched with a particular person on whole body but readable easily only on palm faces.
So, we find nodes ( meeting junctions of three waves ) on main palm for SUN, MOON, JUPITER, MERCURY and SATURN. We have some nodes on finger tips also as probes of body system for SUN, JUPITER, MERCURY, VENUS and SATURN on ring, fore, little, thumb and middle fingers respectively.
The whole palm is covered with very fine lines of bodily electromagnetic waves. The main lines and different figures are created as resultants those predict happenings in life.


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