The four worthy desire’s ( ARTH, DHARM, KAAM and MOKSH ) fulfilment figures & features lie in palms.

ARTH —- This belongs to the upper part of a palm, the four fingers. Tips of the fingers fore, middle, ring and little hold clear images of the planets Jupiter, Saturn, Sun and Mercury respectively.

In any holding or action, these four tips work as probes to the physical world. Earnings and acceptances come through these in human body naturally.

DHARM —- The four planets at finger tips have their more illustrated and refined images below joints of fingers in a palm.

The Jupiter grants religion and decision to create personality and ambition in a person.

The Saturn is well known for its power of assembled electromagnetic field granting one’s vision and concentration.

The Sun, conceived as the central power, provides with all personal, welfare and honourable features.

The Mercury brings forth intelligence, money and science to facilitate well living.

KAAM —- The planets Mars, Venus, Neptune and Moon occupy this field in a life. Here the worldly matters are prominent like war, love and peace.

MOKSH —- We have the Uranus here along with the black hole ( YAM ), both to tie up together in assessment of a life.

When one sees own two palm open before eyes, can access any challenge present and ways to overcome those.

—- all quotes from the book “ASTROSCOPE “.


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