Line of Marriage & Attachment – Jay Mahakaal

A definite line exists for a nice marriage. Marriage is a custom uniting a man with a woman as life partner.

This line enters a palm from deep in the junction of the two faces of a palm under the mount of the MERCURY.

This line lies between the joining line of the little finger with the palm and the line of heart. Proximity of this line to the line joining little finger with palm shows early marriage whereas it being near the line of heart declares late marriage.

A good and favourable line leans a bit down inside a palm. A short line staying on the mount of Mercury is termed as the best.

This line makes a person interested in worldly love, affection, attachment and creation. If there are more lines, the best engraved line is the main line. Other faint lines may cause attachments but not marriage. Lines of equal strength may cause more than one marriage.

An immature line shows limitations in the period of coupled life. A branch in this line at the tip reveals differences in opinions. More than two branches at end show frequent changes of partner. Overlapping lines may be taken as single line with separation for a short period, not divorce.

Another line entering the gap of branched line may bring third person between the couple.

This line going UPWARDS in a palm and touching the joining line of little finger with palm keeps the person unmarried. This line leaning on line of heart and cutting it is a threat from partner.

Flow of this line takes a shape approximately opposite to the structure of the line of HEART. Lines of children appear as verticals on this line of marriage.


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