Astroscope – A perfect guide for your future by Jay Mahakaal

A System of Travelling Objects on Scientific Evaluation Of Palm Evaluation.

Planets effect on worldly beings, naturally on human body and features. To recognize the effects and knowing the details in lines, mounts, nodes, figures and signs one can find clear and evident only on palms.

These days many astrologers are making this havoc before simple persons, so general mankind cannot get remedy but complexities.

Jyotish is to eliminate confusions, illusions and negative thoughts not to show threats from any hidden features of planetary movements.

The recipients ( man or materials ) live in the everlasting field of electromagnetic radiations emerging from the sun, moon and planets. To understand it clearly, we have the natural display of effects on our palms. Once some knows and understands it consciously without any confusion, that one becomes very efficient in recognizing the effects.

So, for general, I took the vital task of spreading the knowledge of planetary effects to eradicate confusion and manipulations in this occult field.

I came in contact with many religious, scientific and experienced persons and places in my journey to disguise the features of planets involved in once’s adventure of life. Yoga, Ayurveda, gemstones, tantra, yantra, mantra, vastu shashtra, aroma and magnet therapy along with worship, donation and meditation all are the measures to handle safely the planetary involvements in our approaches.

Therefore, these all have been included in this book. Figures of importance and relevant pictures are given to understand the facts & features interestingly.


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